ISIS publishes US Military Personal Kill List

ISIS publishes US Military Personal Kill List

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga captured ISIS Flag – Photo Credit: Getty Images

ISIS has published on a web site 100 names of US military service personal asking sympathizers to kill them.

ISIS is the first terrorist group that fully masters the internet. Latest example is the publication of 100 names of US military service personal by the so called ISIS Hacking Division. The website contains the names, addresses, photos and other information for lone wolves to find their targets.

The New York Times reports today in the Sunday newspaper that the list of names is not coming from hacking government servers. Rather the names are gathered from public records available on the Internet. Basically ISIS just googled for US military personal that appeared in interviews with embedded journalists and other reports.

The military is reportedly right now contacting all 100 military members to tie down their online profiles. I hope they do more than that to protect these people. Maybe some Chinese style censorship is in order here and the US government blocks that site to be accessed from within the United States.

The list contains military members that have never been deployed in the middle-east, despite ISIS claiming that the personnel had participated in efforts to defeat ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere.

The US military allows the names of its members to be published in news reports, which other agencies are not doing. The Military needs though to share information with the public during their missions. Quotes of military members in news reports of embedded journalists are common.


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