ITC Urged to Ban Nvidia Chips in the US

ITC Urged to Ban Nvidia Chips in the US


Samsung has asked the agency to block the computer-graphics chips that are made by the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company.

Apple is not the only one giving a hard time to Samsung as it also appears to be having some trouble with Nvidia and has already approached the U.S. International Trade Commission in order to file its complaint. It has requested the commission to block the computer-graphics chips that are made by the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company. According to the complaints of the South Korean company, Nvidia is responsible for the breach of a patent and this patent infringement runs across several of its chips and this doesn’t seem to be the only problem. Samsung also claims that Nvidia has been making false claims against its products.

These accusations seem to have come as a counter attack towards Nvidia who also filed complaints against Samsung for infringement back in September. This complaint wasn’t only targeted towards Samsung but Nvidia’s rival Qualcomm was also targeted in a case involving patent infringement on its graphics-processing unit (GPU). As it appears the company hasn’t studied the counter-complaint in its entirety, but it is determined to pursue its own ITC dispute. Nvidia’s request was to block imports of the latest Galaxy devices, such as tablets and smartphones which make use of Samsung’s Exynos processors or the Snapdragon graphics processing units of Qualcomm.

Retaliation soon fired from Samsung’s end and the Korean giant in return filed a lawsuit in a U.S. federal court. The company has directly asked that Nvidia pays the damages for its deliberate infringement of a number of its technical patents including the ones that govern the way semiconductors use and buffer information. Samsung seems to be following the same line and has asked the ITC to block imports of Nvidia’s Tegra mobile processors and GeForce graphics chips.

Part of this dispute are also some third party device makers who had apparently been having some trouble with the Korean giant who had wanted to stop selling their hardware in the U.S. a couple of these third parties include designers of video cards, such as Biostar Microtech International Corp and EVGA Corporation. And the Tegra-based gadgets also seem to have been included under this dispute including the mini console of OUYA and the gaming tablet known as Wikipad. Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., another computer parts manufacturer was also part of the dispute.

Nvidia certainly cannot afford to lose the US market which also serves as the headquarters to the company and Samsung’s claims have hit the company with shock as the Galaxy maker has been seeking to ban the sale of Nvidia’s GPUs in the U.S.

source: techtimes

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