James Corden almost gets a heart attack with Katie Couric’s Prank

James Corden almost gets a heart attack with Katie Couric’s Prank

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James Corden was panic stricken when he saw Katie Couric fall down the stairs and land on her head at his Late Late Show but it wasn’t Katie who fell.

The Late Late Show is a new dynamic in James Corden’s career. He is very thorough and super thrilled since the show is in its nascent days and everything has to go perfectly alright. 

Following that James invited the journalist, best selling author and a Yahoo reporter Katie Couric to the show last night and what happened was a tale to tell. James introduced Katie to the crowd and the band broke out into a magnificent track when Katie came out on top of the stairs that lead down from among audience to the stage.

She was struggling with her show and her face was obscured by her hair. Before anyone could help her, Katie took a stumble and tumbled down the set of stairs. With every stair that she passed, the room grew much quieter as people looked in shock at what was happening, the band stopped playing and James got up from behind his desk and rushed over to Katie who was lying on her front at the end of the stairs.

He even said a few curses under his breath that were censored for family viewers but it was obvious that he was alarmed. He took her hand trying to revive her and called out for help. He asked if someone was around at which Katie Couric (the real one this time) appeared on top of the stairs and called out to him saying “Up here James” and then shouted “April Fool!”

By that time, everyone had understood what had happened and the audience broke out into applause. James held onto his chest in relief and bent over to catch his breathe. He lied down on his back as everyone laughed in part humor and part relief.

He then got back up and said hello to the stunt double who had pulled the prank on him and asked if she was ok. The nervous host gave her a hug. Katie came down laughing and asked him if he was ok as he kept repeating that it was all ridiculous.

He finally made his way to the stage and said he was out of breath as he sat back down. He admitted that that was like their worst nightmare but it was an amazing prank. It was and we have to give Katie Couric major salute for pulling it all off so effortlessly.

Watch below the video of Katie Couric’s Prank.


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