James Corden makes Big Splash as new Late Late Show Host

James Corden makes Big Splash as new Late Late Show Host


James Corden let loose many one-liners on the Late Late Show. He was joined by celebs include Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis..

It’s been just a single show and already everybody is in love with James Corden. Corden has a way with words that elicits guffaws, horse laughs and belly-aches from the audience. After he showcased Reggie Watts, Corden spoke of how he was more surprised to be doing someone else’s job than the audience. He beat many others to get the coveted job.

That list includes such all-time greats as: Simon Cowell, Lena Dunham and Katie Couric. And as if this was not enough, he also got some solid training as a talk show host from the likes of Jay Leno, Arnie and Shia Labeouf. T

he guest stars who were alongside him in the first scene were Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis. They both said that being in England was a different experience from America since you had to drive on the other side of the road from the Yanks.

Among some of the other things that got talked about were handling little children, going out on dates and the real relationship of Mila and Ashton. 

But wait…there was more to follow! Corden and Hanks acted out parts from all of Tom’s movies. These included: Forest Gump, You’ve Got Mail, Catch Me If You Can, The Green Mile, Sleepless in Seattle, Castaway, The Da Vinci Code, Apollo 13 and Toy Story.

A new tidbit that came out in the open was that Tom does not shoot scenes with creepy crawly things like insects and reptiles since he is very much afraid of them. Finally, Corden sang a farewell song that partially thanked the audience for putting up with his shenanigans.

Corden seems to have taken to the Late Late Show like a duck to water. He filled in the slot left vacant by Craig Ferguson in the most befitting manner possible. David Letterman had made the intro regarding Corden in a perfunctory and casual manner refering to him as the new kid on the block.

Corden is British as opposed to Craig who was a Scotsman. But he settled in his new position very comfortably and snugly. Corden even got the ice queen Mila Kunis to admit that she had married Ashton privately.

Corden didn’t undertake the formality of speaking to his guest stars from behind the vantage point of a desk. He instead chose to go one-to-one with them by sitting right beside them. 

Mila was asked by Corden if she was married to Ashton. She dilly-dallied. But when Corden pointed out the obviously visible wedding ring on her finger, she started smiling and then laughed. It appears that such is the case. James Corden is kind of cute and a really fuzzy wuzzy fellow whom the Americans have taken a liking to.

His style of humor has caught on within the time span of just a single episode of the Late Late Show. Corden has definitely conquered the Free World as we know it. His clipped accent and warmth and sense of humor were the perfect combination to put the screws to the alien show.

And he had a constant smile on his face which only helped further matters in his favor. After all, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. Arnold helped him shape up from the over-pudgy person he was. And he was even given a good luck slap on the face from the Tonight show host. That must have hurt!

In the final analysis, Corden’s manner of putting the other person at ease has really helped him catch the American public’s attention. He is a natural and will hopefully continue to be appreciated throughout the US of A.     


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