James Woods turns guns on Al Sharpton for NYPD Cop Deaths

James Woods turns guns on Al Sharpton for NYPD Cop Deaths

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  • James Woods took to Twitter to blame Al Sharpton and New York Mayor de Blasio for NYPD cop deaths.

Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were shot dead by Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Woods balmed Al Sharpton for the anti-cop agenda and went as far as to call him a ‘Pig’.

It was tragic to learn for anyone that two dedicated New York cops were attacked and killed on the streets. Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were shot by Ismaaiyl Brinsley and while all people in higher positions condemned the attack. There are a lot of background events that are being contributed to which nobody is pointing fingers at.

Actor James Woods, who has played many political roles over his own acting tenure, it would not be surprising to know that he has a opinion over the events.

James Woods took to Twitter after three months long hiatus to blame the people he feels are responsible for the killings of these cops. He pointed his fingers straight to Reverend Al Sharpton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Following the death of Michael Brown, there has been a lot of police antagonism around the country. The anti-police agenda was initiated by President Obama and one can imagine whose words he was speaking. Reverend Al Sharpton has been preaching anto-police agenda to the crowds. 

Beneath a photograph of Sharpton, Woods retweeted: “This disgusting pig is DIRECTLY responsible for the murder of two good policemen. No discussion.”

We know that Woods is not hesitating to point fingers and he is furious by the ‘racism semantics’ faced by him. He shot down Al Sharpton more by reminding everyone how Al Sharpton used to look and how he resembled a ‘pig’ more then. 

He also tweeted against the Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Obama (indirectly). Alec Baldwin tweeted in response and condemned the politicizing the events in the face of tragedy. James Woods however stands by his point and Twitter has already taken down one of his tweets against the reverend.

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