Japanese gamers get new PS4 parts program via Sony

Japanese gamers get new PS4 parts program via Sony



No word on if the program will come to other countries

If you own a PS4 game console and live in Japan, a new parts program that Sony is offering for local people allows them to pick up basic parts for the console has launched according to Gamespot. It appears that there are no major parts available like mainboards, optical drives, or the like.

What gamers can get their hands on from Sony are small basic items they might break or lose when upgrading their console themselves. The parts include a replacement HDD bay cover, a HDD bay bracket, screw set, and a power cord.

All of the parts are cheap with the most expensive, the drive bay cover being the equivalent of $10 here in the US. If you lose or bend the drive bay bracket while performing a HDD upgrade, you can get that bracket for $5.

Losing screws while working on stuff is a common problem and if you have that issue, you will be able to get a replacement screw set for $2.50. If your dog chews through your power cord, or if you lose it in a move a replacement can be had for $4.


There is no word right now on if the replacement part program will roll out to other countries. Perhaps if the program turns out to be popular, Sony might offer it in the US. It would be nice to be able to get these parts if you need them. The available components appear to be limited to items that won’t void your warranty.

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