Jason Derulo Responds to Met Gala Fall Down Twitter Spoof by Lady Gaga

Jason Derulo falls to an epic Twitter spoof by Lady Gaga

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  • Jason Derulo falls to an epic Twitter spoof by Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga shared a tweet about Jason Derulo falling on the stairs over his head at the recent Met Gala only that it wasn’t Jason who fell.

Lady Gaga is a funny lady especially when it comes to fooling a lot of people. Luckily she has friends who get her jokes. Most recent joke by Gaga was a tweet featuring a man in a white tux falling down the stairs on his head while people rushed to help him and the others standing on top all laughed. Lady Gaga also posted LMAO on the singer’s falling picture. 

Tweeters around the world laughed along. Some said he deserved to fall while others felt sorry for the singer for the public embarrassment. Only if the joke was on Durelo.

The joke was actually on the people. Turns out it wasn’t Durelo who fell off the stairs. He wasn’t even at the Met Gala. He was in L.A. recording for his new album.

A meme accompanied by the caption “Lmao I’m at rehearsal in L.A. F—- y’all! Lol.” on Instagram. He was indeed in L.A. and the photo Gaga had shared was of an unknown man at the Cannes Film Festival back in 2011. 

Lmao I’m at rehearsal in LA. Fuq ya’ll! Lol

A photo posted by Jason (@jasonderulo) on

The man might not have been noticed so much back in 2011 but Durelo got a lot of attention for the picture that was not even his. 

Jason actually enjoyed the joke and laughed along at others for thinking it was him that had fell. People falling on the red carpet won’t be the first time. It has happened, if Jennifer Lawrence could fall on the Oscars’ stage stairs, a celebrity could definitely fall in the Met Gala. 

Lady Gaga was probably missing Jason and thought she might have a little fun with him and her fans.

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