Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom 2 Star, will Surrender to Police

Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom 2 Star, will Surrender to Police

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  • Jenelle Evans in Trouble with the Police
  • ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Arrest Warrant Issued

The police issued an arrest warrant for Jenelle Evans after cops were called to apprehend the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star by her ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith.

It has been a rough couple of months for the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star, Jenelle Evans whose age happens to be 23. Nathan Griffith told the Myrtle Beach cops that he got a call from her ex-fiancé Jenelle, early on Wednesday morning. She informed him that she was damaging his car, outside his house.

Upon hearing this, Nathan ran outside and tried to calm Evans, but then they started arguing. The argument escalated quickly and Evans attacked Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle sunk her nails deep in his neck and started slapping and punching him. She also started choking her baby’s dad with his own shirt. Jenelle Evans even tried to kick him down a stairway in an attempt to make him fall. She was just out of control. 

According to Nathan, Evans was drunk and she reeked of alcohol. He told the police that he somehow managed to make his way back inside his home, while Evans stood outside screaming that he would not give her back her son. 

According to the police report, Griffith suffered from minor injuries. He had scratches and bruises around his neck and the side of his face. Also his shirt was ripped at various places. 

Evan’s lawyer, Amy S. Lawrence, spoke about the whole situation to US Weekly on Wednesday, 27th May. She explained the incident that led to the horrible behavior of Evans.

Jenelle Evans confirmed that an arrest warrant had been issued for her arrest on the charges of criminal domestic violence. Jenelle Evans told the Us Weekly magazine that tomorrow they would turn her over to the police. Furthermore, there will be a hearing tomorrow afternoon in Myrtle Beach City.  

Lawrence also talked to Nathan about the matter. He told her that he did not want to press charges against Jenelle but the police forced him to do so. He said that he will try his best to have the charges removed.

He also said that he understands what Jenelle is going through because of the breakup; she’s hurt as he has moved on in his life and is dating someone else now. But even after all this he does not want to have Jenelle face any criminal charges or consequences. 

Back in March of this year, Evans called the cops on Griffith for domestic violence. After that they broke up. And after the breakup, their baby,‘Kaiser’ was in Griffith’s custody.

Lawrence said that after Jenelle’s hearing they are going to work on the custody plan as well. Lawrence explained that Evans is very hurt because Nathan has moved on. In her heart the whole purpose of breaking up with Nathan was that he would realize his mistakes and they would get back together again to raise their kid. 

The police are still searching for Jenelle Evans but they have not been able to find her.

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