Jennifer Lawrence: Victim of Photo Hacking Scandal

Jennifer Lawrence: Victim of Photo Hacking Scandal

Jennifer Lawrence

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Of Famous Names & Hunger Games (& Leaked Nudes in Netscape)

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence 

The Super-Fit and Sensuous Actress that Everyone is Hungry for…

Birth Date

August 15th, 1990 (she was born at the start of a nihilistic decade that was defined by democracy, destruction and dramatics!)

Region of Nurturance

Louisville, Kentucky (she must have been familiar with the Louisville Sluggers phenomenon and have dined occasionally on KFC). 

Just doing her Job

A young adult actress who turned 22 years of age recently.  Jennifer appeared in the famous film “The Hunger Games”, which has won her a great deal of respect in the capacity of an emerging talent in Hollywood.  

Facts & Acts…

Her full name unknown to many is Jennifer Shrader Lawrence. A very fabulously healthy and tough girl, Jennifer is a charming personality known to her friends as simply Jen. Girl! You are the real deal! 

Her breakout role was as the really realistic character of Katniss Everdeen in the dystopian tragic-action movie The Hunger Games. It shows a state somewhere in the bleak future when food has become a scarce commodity. Katniss chooses to replace her younger sister when the names are called for the deadly competition between all the chosen ones from the various provinces. From then onwards it is a fight to the finish as she battles her fellow human beings in a desperate bid to survive. The novel is even better than the movie. The Hunger Games has three versions since the books by author Suzanne Collins form a trilogy. 

Her other big break came when she acted in American Hustle. It was a crime drama and she played the role of Rosalyn Rosenfeld in the series. The acting experience was quite intense and hands-on in this celluloid stuff. 

Jennifer is currently really into Chris Martin, who as everybody knows is Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex-husband. The two have often been spotted together and this has led to a series of “hunger pangs” in Gwyn’s suspicious mind. Chris has been described by Jen as a very charming and funny man. She is absolutely mad about his music. Chris is the front man for the group Coldplay. And this musical band is (in)famous for its groupie culture. Let’s hope that Jen doesn’t end up as one of those used and discarded by the three members of Coldplay. 

She is the one of the most successful and powerful young ladies in Tinsel Town. The entertainment industry has placed her on a pedestal after her phenomenal and meteoric ride to fame, fortune and virtually permanent glory. Not only is she way up there on the top in matters of money or influence, she has been labeled one of the sexiest women on the planet by For Him Magazine.  

Among some of the other men that have been in and out of her life /4/be included: Nicholas Hoult. Yet their love life was a short-lived affair. It began three years ago and ended recently. But don’t worry, Jen will surely find a man and marry him. She is so confident and cool not to mention comfortable with herself that bagging a hubby is a piece of cake for this “Silver Screenista”. 

Her Wonderful Life in So Many Pictures (& E-vents)

Jen was born in the heart of Dixie Land, Louisville (Kentucky) and she is a southern belle who knows how to fight for her rights. Her parents were a camp manager named Karen and a construction worker named Gary. Jennifer is the youngest in the family and thus will always remain her daddy’s little girl. She has two elder brothers (named Ben and Blaine). After considerable efforts, she managed to convince her mom and dad that acting was the only thing she wanted to pursue in her life.  

She began her acting career in her teens. After getting signed on by a NYC agency, she slowly began making progress in her field of endeavor. Early in her life, she lost the role of Bella in the vampire Twilight Series to Kristen Stewart. To this day, Jennifer thanks her lucky stars that she missed out on that chance since the extreme attention would have caused burn-out in her case back then.  

The small-time roles she began with soon evolved into bigger roles and respect and recognition were to naturally follow as day follows night. She received a Young Artist Award too. It was her first victory. In Winter’s Bone and Like Crazy, she floored the accelerator in terms of her acting abilities, and the result was a difference in terms of her personality as a young actress. 

As Mystique in the X-Men Series, Jen excelled even more thus leading to accolades and artistic laudatory remarks from many others. Earlier, Rebecca Romijin-Stamos had played that role. But Jennifer brought a whole new level to the character of the blue skinned shape-shifting she-heroine on the series platform. 

Finally, we come to the big daddy of them all: The Hunger Games. Based on a very interesting novel written by Suzanne Collins, the movie was a big challenge and daunting task for Jen. Although she had loved the book and read it again and again, she was hesitant at first since it was not exactly a walk in the park. Making the movie required total dedication and laser sharp moves. Yet Jennifer already possessed tons of confidence which served her well in the sequences that were shot repeatedly on the film’s set. Among the exercise regimen which was truly barbaric in its intensity /4/be included: archery, mountain climbing, scaling trees, martial arts, running, parkour, pilates and last but not least…yoga. As Katniss Everdeen, she impressed even her worst critics. The movie went on to be an all-time hit and broke all previous box office records.  

And the rest is history…

Jen has gone on to become the official face of Dior. And she is slated to act in the remaining two sequels to The Hunger Games. Her name will go down in the annals of cinema as a success story and dame-who-won-fame-and-name-at-her-game without question.

And this just came in: Nudes of Jen got leaked from the Apple iCloud recently. While many other starlets denied that their naked pics were for real, Jen had the guts and chutzpah to acknowledge her mistake and profess that her pics were not fake. Her representatives are going to sue the hacker responsible for this leakage though. Let’s hope Jen gets the justice she deserves. In the end it’s just her reputation against the lascivious eyes of all the smutty voyeurs who frequent online forums in search of easily available pornography. 

Film Fame

  • Garden Party
  • The Poker House
  • Winter’s Bone
  • Like Crazy
  • X-Men: First Class
  • The Hunger Games Series (obviously…it hardly needs mentioning)
  • House at the End of the Street
  • American Hustle
  • Serena
  • Dumb and Dumber To

Television Triumphs

  • Monk
  • Company Town
  • Cold Case
  • Medium
  • SNL

Awards Aimed At Her(oine)…

  • Academy Award
  • AACTA Award
  • BAFTA Award
  • Critics’ Choice Movie Award
  • Golden Globe Award
  • Independent Spirit Award
  • Satellite Award
  • Saturn Award
  • Screen Actors Guild Award

Quotes by this Otherwise Quiet & Hot Girl of Hollywood

  • As far as Jennifer is concerned ever since she was a mere gawky teenager, failure has never been an option. She sets high goals for herself. 
  • She is not an irresponsible brat. Even if she had permissive parents, Jen knew from day one how to take care of herself. She would never waver from her path in life. 
  • She has labeled cyberspace as a sort of black hole that sucks you in and destroys you. She doesn’t have much of an online presence which she says is a good thing. 
  • Jen admits that the journey from adolescence to adulthood has its pitfalls. But ultimately the difference between the two states of mind is that in the latter you reach a certain level of maturity. You realize that you /4/be unique but so is everyone else.  
  • She has described her nude scenes (whether in movies or online) as feeling very shameful. It felt vulnerable doing those things in her birthday suit. 


So Jen is a Star and She will Remain So…Despite the Leaked Nude Pics (which Will Not Ruin her Reputation At All). 

This Dixie Chick is Hungry for Fame…and She will Obtain it at every Cost!

It’s a Perfect Ten for Jen who can do Much Better than All the Men on the Planet!

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