Jennifer Lopez felt Abused in Past Relationships

Jennifer Lopez felt Abused in Past Relationships

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  • Jennifer has not disclosed any names specifically.
  • She has expressed that she has learned from her life experiences and she is a ‘work in progress.’



Jennifer Lopez expresses all that she has endured over the years in her new book “True Love.”
Jennifer says that she has not been hurt physically but their have been other ways she has suffered

Jennifer Lopez was known for the first time for playing ‘Selena’ in the great artist’s biopic. She was married to Ojani Nao then but that relationship didn’t work out and she divorced. She had her music career to look forward to. Her initial career was well received and according to Jennifer she started keeping a diary. 

The intention behind keeping it was to record all her experiences she had during the tour but the habit stuck to her. Probably as a way to vent but they were accurate. Jennifer went through a lot in her life when it came to romantic relationships. She was arrested along with her boyfriend Sean Combs but was evicted later but her name was tainted. She also starred in various movies where she came across the handsome Ben Affleck and they were engaged.

The two became a super couple and the press was anxiously waiting for the ‘Bennifer’ wedding but it never happened. They broke up without much explanation. Such a break up would have definitely taken its toll and it did on Jen but she pulled on ahead and started to date a fellow artist and a long time friend Marc Anthony. They also appeared as a married couple in the movie Al Cantante. That might have inspired them and they got married. For seven years, they were in a married life where they had a pair of twins; Max and Emme.

The twins received high media coverage and it felt like the family was complete. Jennifer and Marc had soaring music careers and Jennifer took a judge’s slot in the American Idol. The show featured a Jennifer and Marc performance and after that things went south. They divorced and Jennifer started to date one of her background dancers.

That’s all about dating but her music career soar higher than ever. A few collaborations with Pitbull and she had one hit track after another. Her status as an American Idol judge gave her popularity among the crowds. Jennifer is a whole different star but she has not forgotten where she started from. 

Jennifer might have kept her diary all along as a constant reminder of who she was and how she had made her iconic journey. She has edited her well kept diary in a book. True Love entails all of Jennifer’s experiences. She has gone in detail about all the abuse she had gone through in her life. She has said that she had not been physically abused but that is not the only way a person can be abused.

She has not divulged any names or particulars of her former spouses and boyfriends. She has however discussed how that abuse made her feel and how much she had learned from them. The book also throws light on her life experiences and her views that she is a ‘work in progress’ She is mostly dedicated to making her own life. She has learned to take care of herself and know her true worth. She knows now that what kind of boundaries she needs to keep and sort out her priorities. She is already so much and she wants to be more. 

The book will hit the stores on November 4th for fans to get to know their favorite star. Marc Anthony, as a former spouse and father of her children, commented that he had no idea what Jennifer had felt when they were married. Jennifer and Marc are in a friendly relationship for the sake of their children.

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