Jihadi John Victim’s Widow wants Emwazi caught Alive

Jihadi John Victim’s Widow wants Emwazi caught Alive

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An ISIS figure named Jihadi John has his victim’s widow wanting him punished for his heinous crime.

Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Jihadi John, killed a Briton in cold blood. Now the Briton’s widow wants him caught alive and given the most exemplary punishment. Dragana Haines, the widow of David Haines, the man whose head was decapitated by this monster, Jihadi John, wants justice no matter what the cost.

Her husband was an aid worker and had harmed no one, not even a fly. After Muhammed Emwazi was identified, Dragana told authorities (via Guardian) in clear words that she wanted to see him caught alive and then she wanted him given the most draconian of lessons in dark justice.

He had snatched her husband from him and she wanted to see him suffer for what he had done. The ruthless act was one of a series of be-headings that ISIS figureheads are guilty of. Her husband David was one of the very first persons to have hid head cut off as portrayed in a grisly video clip that is truly an emetic thing to watch.

Among the other victims of Emwazi or Jihadi John include James Foley and Steven Sotloff who were both journalists. Also Alan Henning and Peter Kassig who were aid workers like David Haines had their heads sliced off with a sharp knife. 

While Dragana said that she didn’t want this psychopathic terrorist killed during combat, her daughter spoke of how firing a bullet in his brain would be the ideal death for such a fiend. Dragana had been hopeful that one day her husband’s killer will be caught.

That /4/just become a fact pretty soon. Haines’ widow has been through so much turmoil and emotional drainage since the meaningless and extremely tragic death of her husband. She now lives on a day to day basis barely pulling through and reliving the sad memories of her husband’s last day on earth.

It was a shock and a jolt that had shook her to the core. She has gone on record to say that she wants this rascal named Jihadi John to be sentenced to a maximum security prison where he will spend the rest of his life in a solitary cell wishing he had never committed those heinous crimes.

The law enforcement agencies and M15 are close to capturing Jihadi John. He is a man who grew up in Kuwait and is on the run from the authorities. Justice will have been done if and when he is caught and brought before the courts to face the severest of payback times for the cruel acts of viciousness he has done up until now.   


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