Jimmy Fallon reunites ‘Saved by the Bell’ Cast

Jimmy Fallon reunites ‘Saved by the Bell’ Cast

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  • Jimmy Fallon Reminiscences About His ‘Saved by the Bell’ High School Days.

Last night on the Tonight show Jimmy Fallon presents a mini reunion of the ‘Saved by the Bell’ original cast as their ‘New’ friend and is then scared by a ‘Peacock’ (Yes! a Peacock of all things…)

Jimmy Fallon strikes again and this time he literally blew up our minds. Fallon finally did the seemingly impossible after years of anticipation and moaning with sadness for a Saved by the Bell Reunion. On last night’s segment of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was joined by the cast of Saved by The Bell for a short sketch. The sketch was a perfect blend of the 90’s show and the cast relived some of their best moments on the show.  

Fallon started the Tonight Show while addressing the audience, and revealed that he actually went to high school at Bay side. Then he proceeded to show the audience his memory that turned out to be a Saved by The Bell reunion. All the characters of the show made subsequent openings during the sketch. Zack Morris played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar called for his trademark timeout while his onscreen girlfriend Kelly Kapowski played by Tiffani Thiessen announced she’s expecting (in real life) in her full cheerleading gear.

Slater played by Mario Lopez proved his dancing chops by showcasing his dance moves in a black leotard and took digs about his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ gig in stride. Jessie Spano played by Elizabeth Berkely scared the cast by announcing she’s ‘So Excited’ and Mr. Belding played by Dennis Haskins did what he does best bring a smile on our face.

Fallon starred as the new friend of Zack Morris and went on to give tribute to his best moments. The conversation during the sketch is mainly about an upcoming school dance. Fallon tells the group when asked that he will not be able to attend the dance as he will be moving to New York to become a comedian. He further relates that he wishes to one day land a gig on SNL and maybe even host his own talk show Ironic much).

Then Fallon deliberates whether he /4/one day be able to date Nicole Kidman (a tribute to Nicole Kidman’s appearance on the Tonight show) to which all his friends appear skeptical. The skit ended with all the friends joining hands in a circle and cheering ‘Friends Forever’. 

Fallon also showcased a clip of him on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The clip was a special recording especially saved for airing on the Tonight show and we see an unsuspecting Fallon being scared to death. Fallon was delivering a short monologue on the environmental initiative of the NBC family when he was scared by a giant Peacock mascot.

Jimmy Fallon appeared to be so shaken by the peacock experience; he went to lie down on the lap of a few women sitting in the front row of the audience. The words coming out of Fallon’s mouth during the spirit of the moment were: ‘I hate my life, I hate it… I hate everything!!!’. Fallon quickly recovered from the traumatic event and praised Ellen for her ingenuity.


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