Jimmy Kimmel on Dennis Quaid’s Viral Meltdown Video: It’s Not a Stunt

Jimmy Kimmel responds to Dennis Quaid Meltdown Video Clip

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Jimmy Kimmel responded in a fair and square manner to the Dennis Quaid meltdown video clip. He said that upon waking up in the morning he felt the allegation that he bore the brunt of the burden for the video segment was simply untrue.

A viral video clip of Dennis Quaid undergoing a meltdown on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live made him say that it was such a series of garbage images to watch. Was it a stunt event or was it just a fake acting out.

As for Jimmy Kimmel, he said that he didn’t know whether to make head or tail out of it. And he was being blamed for the incident. People supposed that he was responsible for the faux pah.

The YouTube video clip is 43 seconds in length and shows Quaid going stark raving mad on set. Dennis Quaid simply becomes barmy and loses all semblance of normality on set.

He goes absolutely crazy and sort of loses his marbles for a while there. You can see him deliver a curse word every one and a half seconds and he actually takes great pleasure in being obnoxious, nasty and cruel. 

Watch below the video of Dennis Quaid Meltdown.

Dennis Quaid uses the phrase Dopey the Dick several times. But when all these articles and social online commentaries put the blame squarely on Jimmy Kimmel’s shoulders, well, you have to say that they are barking up the wrong tree.

Such beating about the bush won’t do any good since here for the first time, it is no prank but a real life event (believe it or not). Kimmel said that Dennis probably released that video clip in order to promote his book titled Dopey the Dick.

Dennis Quaid is known for his pranks and practical jokes. He has done many such acts of mimicry and parody on the Ellen DeGeneres Show as well. Dennis is thus no stranger to controversy.

The book titled Dopey the Dick /4/be something that Jimmy Kimmel will be reading to his children as a bedtime story before he tucks them in for a sweet dreams good night kiss. So that pretty much resolves the case of Quaid going gaga and literally freaking out.

Sometimes the people who are responsible for a viral meme on the Internet have their share of the responsibility transferred onto an otherwise innocent being. This time Dennis Quaid’s “prankanoia” ended up infecting the good name and reputation of Jimmy Kimmel.   


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