Jimmy Kimmel wants Kanye to read Mean Tweets like President Obama

Jimmy Kimmel wants Kanye to read Mean Tweets like President Obama

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Jimmy Kimmel sincerely wants Kanye West to do the same as President Obama and read out his mean tweets on his show. It remains to be seen whether Kanye will comply with Kimmel’s request.

Jimmy Kimmel had a pretty good time with President Obama reading out his mean tweets which were indeed hilarious and excessively funny. But he needs more than sheer luck to get bad boy and controversy-attracting rapper, Kanye West to do the same when he comes on his show on Friday.

Kimmel surmised separately to someone else that he was doubtful whether Kanye would agree or even be ready to take the innocent-enough question as valid. Kanye is known for his mercurial nature and is very jumpy when it comes to his own personal self. He has a hair trigger temper and is not known for his feminine side.

Kimmel even spoke of how he’d have to check the temperature with Kanye’s spouse Kim Kardashian before he even dares to address the Yeezus superstar regarding the issue. He is not sure either whether Kim will accompany him or not. And if Kim will be there, so will baby North West.

Two other celebs that will appear in the same days as Kanye are Willie Nelson and Matthew McConaughey. And recently, Sean Penn said on Live with Jimmy Kimmel that he and Charlize were huge fans of Bachelor.    

Meanwhile, the Obama mean tweets have gone on to garner the highest ratings as far as popularity is concerned on the show. A mere day after President Obama aired his mean tweets in a jocular and light-hearted manner on Jimmy Kimmel, the viewership went up to 17 million likes on Kimmel’s official channel on YouTube.

The mean tweets segment has really caught the imagination of the nation not to mention the rest of the world. And although it can get a little embarrassing for the celebs and VIPs who read out the venomous tweets that ordinary people pass regarding them on Twitter, it also shows that you have to have the ability to laugh at yourself in order to evolve as a mature society.

Among some of the previous stars and starlets who have faced this tough challenge /4/be included: Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Kobe Bryant. Obama took the mean tweets with a lot of dignity and of course with a grain of salt. He even pointed out that one of the comment passers had used the same words twice thereby getting back at whosoever it was in a humorous way.

Now that’s the spirit even the head of a free country ought to take as regards such pen pricks. It shows greatness and a level of tolerance that behooves a man of Obama’s stature. Let’s wait and see if Kanye follows suit or refuses to undergo the harrowing challenge.  

Sources: E! News , The Wire


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