Jon Hamm was involved in Violent Fraternity Hazing?

Jon Hamm was involved in Violent Fraternity Hazing?

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In 1990 Jon Hamm took part in a hazing incident which turned violent at the University of Texas.

The hazing carried out by the ‘Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm of a new pledge was so violent and severe it led to criminal charges, after which the fraternity was permanently shut down. The information comes to light after Star magazine reported the incident this week on Thursday. 

According to the old court and school records which were recently unearthed a Sigma Nu pledge was severely beaten, dragged with a hammer and his pants were even lit on fire during the hazing in which Jon Hamm participated till the very end. 

The criminal records also show Hamm was charged and received deferred adjudication, which meant he had to complete probation under Texas Law but wasn’t convicted, while another charge of assault was dismissed by the court against Hamm. The records were part of a public records but Hamm was never linked to them.

In the documents at the time the 20 year old pledge Mark Allen Sanders detailed how he failed to memorize and recite things necessary for entry about Hamm and other fraternity members. 

As a result Sanders was severely beaten up and in the records he states Hamm set his jeans on fire, hit him with a boat peddle over his right kidney and even shoved his face in the dirt. 

After the incident Sanders required medical treatment and even had to withdraw from school. Four other fraternity members were also charged and the lawsuit was finally dismissed in 1993. Hamm also left the University of Texas that very same semester.

Representatives of the 44 years old actor and Matthew Weiner the creator of ‘Mad Men’ have yet to comment on the news, which came out just as the critically acclaimed series is about to end in which Jon Hamm is the main star. 


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