Jon Stewart Goes Nuts on WWE Raw with Seth Rollins [Video]

Jon Stewart Goes Nuts on WWE Raw with Seth Rollins [Video]

  • Jon Stewart goes nuts when fights turn physical

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart went wild while facing his long-time enemy Seth Rollins during the WWE Monday Night Raw and kicked him between his legs! Watch the video below.

Jon Stewart and WWE wrestling star Seth Rollins have an ongoing rivalry in which both have shared barbed comments about each other. The Daily show host Jon Stewart made a surprise appearance during the telecast of the ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ and showed the world he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and more than capable of fending for himself in a physical alteration. 

Stewart and Rollins have frequently trashed talked about each other but the situation never escalated into a physical confrontation, however on Monday night all bets were off as the adversaries came face to face. Rollins appeared in the arena of WWE o Monday night with his usual candor and went on to enter the ring to mock Jon Stewart.

Rollins kept on trash talking about Stewart and speculating with the crowd that no matter what Stewart would not appear. Rollins said Jon Stewart desires to retire on his terms but if he showed up tonight Rollins would force Stewart to retire immediately. Rollins went on to call the Daily Show phony and Stewart a host with his jaw wired shut.

Just as Rollins was delivering his rant the theme to the Daily Show started playing and Jon Stewart in his usual uniform of a suit and tie appeared on the WWE Monday Night Raw. While making his entrance Stewart pointed towards the crowd and bravely entered the ring.

As the old enemies faced each other they started exchanging insults, with Stewart saying Rollins /4/be stronger better looking, taller, and even able to life hi arms above his head (which Stewart could but not anymore) he doesn’t have Respect like Stewart does. As Rollins approached Stewart with the purpose of probably bashing his head, he got distracted for a second and Stewart seeing his window of opportunity kicked Rollins between the legs and speedily slid out of the ring to exit the area, while Rollins doubled over in pain. 

Later Rollins took to twitter to save what was left of his honor by comparing Stewarts kick to a little girl and declaring himself the best in the business. Seth Rollins faced another major problem when his fall was blocked during a fight on Raw by Reigns on Monday night. 

While Jon Stewart has been busy hosting the ‘Night of Too Many Stars’ an autism benefit event along with Sarah Silverman. The official account of WWE on twitter shared with their followers to watch the ‘Night of Too Many Stars’. The Daily Show host made the star studded audience laugh while playing their host.    


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