Joni Mitchell is currently in ICU in LA Hospital

Joni Mitchell hospitalized, currently in ICU

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  • Legendary Folk Singer Joni Mitchell hospitalized in L.A.


Joni Mitchell the 71 years old musician was admitted in the ICU of an L.A. hospital on Tuesday after a 911 call was made from her home in Bel Air.

Joni Mitchel the legendary Canadian musician was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after falling sick at her home. Mitchell resides in Bel Air L.A. and paramedics rushed to the house after a 911 emergency call was placed. The singer- songwriter’s hospitalization was confirmed on her Twitter account.

The tweet said Joni Mitchell has been hospitalized and her personnel are awaiting word on her condition, which will be posted on twitter for fans as soon as possible. A representative of the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed a call was made from Joni Mitchell’s home at 2:30 am, but even they were not privy to her current condition.

Two hours later tweeted that Joni is presently in the ICU in an L.A. hospital but her condition has improved as she is awake and seems to be in good spirits. Although Joni’s representative could not be reached for a comment, more updates are promised on the site regarding the development of Joni’s health. 

Joni Mitchell was born in Canada and became a popular Folk musician of the 60’s in the United States. Joni established herself as a musician especially in Southern California. From there she went on to have a successful career with immense success for two decades. In 1997 Joni Mitchell was immortalized in the Rock and Roll hall of fame.   

The 71 year old Grammy award winner has been a life-long cigarette smoker and she has been addicted since the last six decades. Joni even went on to say that more than 60 years of smoking have robbed her of her voice.

The Canadian singer won the Grammy award a total of eight times and is famous for having defined the Laurel Canyon sound in the 60’s and 70’s era. Among Joni’s most famous hits are songs such as ‘Both Sides Now’, ‘The Circle Game’ and ‘Help Me’, with songs ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ and ‘River’ having been covered by numerous artists over the years.

The most recent album by Joni was released in 2007 entitled ‘Shine’ which contained her famous original sounds. Additionally a boxed set comprising of four albums was even released in 2014 entitled ‘Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced’.

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