Justin Bieber becomes ‘Grown-Up’ with help of Kanye West

Justin Bieber becomes ‘Grown-Up’ with help of Kanye West

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  • Justin Bieber is collaborating with Kanye West on his ‘Grown-Up’ Album

Justin Bieber’s new album is almost ready now but he had to re-do the entire album because it did not reflect the positive place he is in life right now!

Justin Bieber is nearly finished with his album which features collaborations with Kanye West and Rick Rubin. In January Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun posted a pic of Bieber and Rick Rubin working together in the studio on Instagram. Some believe the presence of Kanye West on the album will take Bieber towards a more rap and hip hop take on music. 

While talking to USA Today in an interview about his new album Bieber called his latest album different from all of his previous works. Bieber further elaborated it’s a grown up version of him and will probably shock some fans. Bieber even related how his behaviour has changed and the change is reflected in his music.

Bieber even claimed he had to re-do his whole album as it wasn’t about where he and his thoughts are right now in life. Bieber shared in the past he was in a dark place but he’s getting rid of the rut and because he knows there is sunshine on the other side.

According to Bieber what you think about is what you write about and he been thinking more positively which will be obvious in his music. Bieber wants to tell his story and his music will now be conveying hope and faith based on his life experiences.


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