Justin Bieber is the Highest Paid Musician Of 2014 Under 30

Justin Bieber is the Highest Paid Musician Of 2014 Under 30

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Forbes recently released the news on the star that he is the highest earning celebrity under the age of the 30.

He has been doing tremendous amounts of work when it comes to singing but he hasn’t been the most popular celebrity of this year. When you try to search for the star in your search engine, you will find bad stories regarding the star. He was recently found in a case and he was accused of egging his neighbor’s house. He ended up paying the neighbor $80,000.

So we can clearly see that he needs to go to some anger management classes just like Adam Sandler. He also recently punched paparazzi in Paris after he was invading the Canadian star’s privacy. That’s one side of the story as once you look how good he has been doing financial wise, he has been doing tremendously well.

He has millions of followers on twitter and his fans treat him like a god. His shows sell out in minutes and that is why he has been doing well. It was estimated that Justin Bieber made approximately $80 million in the past year. He has been on a world tour and he will go to Brazil on his next tour. He is also working on a new album and that is why the fans are eagerly waiting for the new songs.

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On his Instagram account, Justin released 15 seconds of his all 11 songs that are going to be found on the new album. This gave the fans a taste of what is to come in the future. The release date of his album has not been confirmed till now. When we look at the celebrities that made huge amounts of money in the past year, the majority of the celebrities constitute of musicians.

When Forbes did an overall measure of who earned the most cash in the year 2014, Bieber ranked on 33. You have to keep this thing in your mind that Forbes doesn’t take in the amount of taxes that were deducted from the income as they simply report that amount that the stars made.

One Direction was second on the list of the stars that were under 30. The boy band averages the age of 21 and they earned $75 million this year. One Direction is also about to release a new album called Midnight Memories.

We have Taylor Swift after Bieber and One Direction and she comes in the category of top ranked woman in Forbes list. She earned $64 million in the past year. Her new album is also out and it is called 1989.

At number four we have Bruno Mars who is 29 years old. He earned $60 million. Rihanna is at number five and she earned $48 million. At number six we have the 24 year old Jennifer Lawrence and she made $34 million last year. Her new movie Mockingjay part-1 is out.

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