Kanye West apologizes to Beck and Bruno Mars on Twitter

Kanye West apologizes to Beck and Bruno Mars on Twitter

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In a completely 180 turn from his older self, Kanye West has taken to twitter to apologize to Beck and Bruno Mars and even wants Mars to work with him!

Kanye West is extremely sorry and he wants the whole world to know it. West is showing a completely new side to his nature as opposed to the side that reached up on stages and tried to ruin the spotlight moment for some artists.

The new side to Kanye West is his emotional side. As expected the artist who declared he feels like a man when he speaks out about taboo topics or to put it in simpler words when he disses other artists and their work has taken a complete U-turn in his declarations.

During his BBC radio 1 interview with the host Zane Lowe, Kanye expressed his regrets at having tried given negative comments upon Beck. The singer even broke down in tears when discussing his late fashion mentor Louise Wilson.

However the minor appearance on a talk show and a few tears were not sufficient for Kanye to express his immense regret at past antics. So Kanye did what anyone would do to make sure the entire world gets wind of it, he took to twitter and posted not just one but three apology tweets.

Have a look world Kanye has apologized in the most solid way possible, he’s passed it out in the form of writing to stay there forever or as long as Twitter exist. In his first apology tweet Kanye simply wrote I would like to publicly apologize to Beck and stated he’s so sorry. The apology was simple and straightforward with the two most powerful and magical words used by the entire world to seek forgiveness ‘So’ and ‘Sorry’. 

What made the whole ordeal surprising was Kanye’s apology to not only Beck but Bruno Mars. Kanye has a history of giving out negative comments about other artist for no apparent reason and it seems he has finally come to his senses. In his second tweet Kanye apologized to Bruno Mars explaining that he used to hate on the ‘Uptown Funk’ artist but not anymore and actually love Mars’ work.

Last but not the least in his third tweet Kanye expressed his desire to work with Bruno Mars on his new song. Kanye further related the song is produced by Puff and Kanye himself and he has even asked Tyler to shoot the video. 

The world has no idea where Kanye is getting this new habit of apologizing but all in all it is better than the old Kanye who crashed numerous award show stages while some unsuspecting artist was innocently delivering an acceptance speech.

All is well that ends well but can we hope Kanye will keep up such an attitude towards fellow artists or is it just a phase for the rapper and he will be back to bad mouthing and crashing stages by the next award season.  


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