Kapture Wristband Records 60 Seconds of Your Live – Always

Kapture Wristband Records 60 Seconds of Your Live - Always

A Kickstarter founded wearable is shipping this month. Will the Apple Watch just wipe it out two months later.

The Kapture wristband lets you save the last 60-second snippet of audio that just happened. Kapture always listens and with a tap it stores the last 60 seconds on your smartphone via Bluetooth. The idea is that you can capture fun things you kids just said or also your own remarks. Watch the funny video below featuring the comedic founders display the user scenarios. The promise of Kapture has intrigued consumers on Kickstarter last year and the Cincinnati based startup collected over $160,000.

The $99 Kapture wristband is supposed to ship this month, but will Kapture survive? The Apple Watch has a microphone and to replicate the functionality of Kapture in an Apple Watch App should be fairly easy. There is already an app named Heard on the iPhone that lets you go back 5 minutes to capture audio.

The Kapture team has said in an interview on BizJournals last Fall that the are not affraid of Apple and actually welcome Apple’s entry into the wearables space. In the interview one of the founders said: “We’re building a platform for ‘making your moments heard’ that isn’t exclusive to one device or app.”

I hope for them that they already built the Kapture Apple Watch App.

Kapture is a great example of one of the answers the Apple Watch will answer. Do consumers want single feature wearables or are they going for the more expensive all-in-one solution Apple is going to offer in April?



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