Karrueche Tran Dumps Chris Brown over Royalty

Karrueche Tran dumps Chris Brown over Royalty

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  • Chris Brown has Baby Girl named Royalty by Nia


Chris Brown had his baby girl named Royalty by Nia. Or at least that is the name she is supposed to answer to from now on-wards.

Nia is having her way in naming Chris Brown’s little daughter. And the name that seems to have stuck is Royalty, according to TMZ. Talk about regal names! But she probably hasn’t consulted Chris Brown regarding the odd epithet.

During the hot summer months of 2013, Chris Brown and Nia made sweet love to each other and in the heat of passion and torrid lust she got impregnated. Exactly nine months earlier Nia gave birth to a baby daughter.

As for Karrueche Tran, she is totally flabbergasted by the sudden revelation. Chris meanwhile is acting like the ideal dad and regularily keeps in touch with Nia. He wants to convince her that he is fit enough to handle daddy’s little girl.

Both Nia and her child named Royalty are residing in Texas and Chris has promised Nia that he will act like a helicopter dad and fly in time after time to spend some quality hours with his sweet little daughter.

Meanwhile, Karrueche Tran has said on her Twitter account that enough is enough and she cannot take this infidelity business anymore. She isn’t going to be a part of this scandal and so she has kissed Chris Brown and Nia goodbye and wishes them good luck on their baby-raising project for the future. 

The story goes that a few months before he got Nia preggers, Chris Brown was partying hard with both her and Karrueche Tran. Throughout the duration of an LA party scene, Tran had her arm slung around Nia’s neck and Christina Milian was with the two to boot. They had some wild times at the rave event, reported TMZ.

Tran was Chris’ girlfriend way back then. But now of course all that has changed radically. Jealousy is a fact of human nature whether you like it or not. And women feel its pangs even so more than men, thus proving that it is not a solely masculine preserve.

Nia has been known for her semi-nude roles. She appeared in Phill Wades’ video “Dreams of You” in which she looked very sultry and sleazy. Tran on the other hand is worried sick about her sexual health since she fears she might have caught an STD from the philandering Chris.

Meanwhile, Rihanna who is Chris’ ex-girlfriend too was equally shocked to the core upon learning of this love child that belongs to Chris Brown. The surprises our biological instincts seem to turn out are simply too many to even begin listing! 

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