Kate Hudson honors Female Journalists

Kate Hudson honors Female Journalists

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Kate Hudson will be presenting awards to Female Journalists.

There are many courageous women out there who investigate the biggest stories of world. There are women journalists that investigate most horrifying and dangerous stories with all the courage. “Courage in Journalism Awards” is celebrated each year in honor of these brilliant female journalists. 

Famous star Kate Hudson is up for supporting these journalists. She will be presenting this Courage in Journalism Awards along with other stars this year. This year, the award will be presented to Arwa Damon from CNN, Brankica Stankovic from Serbian TV, and Solange Lusiku from Congo for reporting in difficult situations. They will be honored at the 25th International Women’s Media Foundation’s Courage in Journalism Awards. The award ceremony will be held on Tuesday at Beverly Hilton. 

Many celebrate and media person are expected to arrive at the event. This award is given to women journalists each year who report different stories despite the harsh conditions. These women are the ones that have to face many threats in order to provide news to people all around the world. 

The nominees have seen many threats after reporting big stories as well. Stankovic always have her security men with her as she has got many threats for her life. This journalist has remained under security from the year 2009.

Damon from CNN also faced threat to her life after her work in the field of live reporting. She has escaped bombings and gunfire during her reporting. She has given many stories on war, bombings and terrorism while working with CNN.

Lusiku from Congo is not any exception. She has been writing and reporting about human genocide in Congo from past many years. She was attacked several times and threatened as well but this courageous woman has not stopped working. 

Kate Hudson’s partner Matt Bellamy said that many significant people will attend this award function in order to show their support.  He said that Kate Hudson, Bo Derek and Paula Abdul will be seen in this event for encouraging these brave women.  

Source: TheWrap

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