Kate Middleton Photoshop Fail shows Lack of Good Judgment

Kate Middleton Photoshop Fail shows Lack of Good Judgment

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Someone at Woman’s Day magazine shows lack of good judgment as was evident in the latest Kate Middleton Photoshop fail.

There was a very prominent error that occurred at Woman’s Day magazine as could be clearly seen in the cover photograph of Kate Middleton.

The lady looks beautiful in real life and was so in the photograph too, but when it was treated with an iron fist using the complexities of Photoshop, the results were bizarre and macabre in their implications.

The Aussie mag has converted the charming and cute Kate Middleton into a virtual monster from outer space via its heavy handed Photoshop capability. This is the sort of accident that occurs when you hire novices to do the job.

And the magazine heads are in for a grilling thanks to the blunder they seem to have committed. In the quest to make the royal denizen absolutely perfect, the person responsible for Photoshopping the image /4/have gone overboard.

Whoever it is, he or she is definitely in for a lot of criticism and assault from the media and the general public. The almost comic look given to the princess was a truly pathetic attempt at overdoing the art of image improvement.  

The original photo of the Duchess of Cambridge was taken at the Kensington Leisure Center on the 19th of December. The venue was London.

However, the Woman’s Day cover shot was simply too vampish in its qualities to even closely resemble how the royal lady looks like in real life.

Besides making the makeup very heavy duty, the magazine added some pink lipstick to her lips which wasn’t there in the original pic. How crass can you get! We all know that this cultural adding to the natural look is a bad habit of tabloids.

But this is the first time that a magazine is guilty of the same offence. Why, even the diamond stud worn by Kate is given a sparkle that it never possessed in the first place. Such an extremely fake attitude of piling on the paint and highlights simply reeks of artificiality and surrealistic advertising.

Why not let Nature have its way and not interfere in things which don’t concern us. By perfecting something which is already perfect we only pervert it. Imagine what a shock Kate Middleton will get when she sees her face looking like that of a ghost out of some haunted house on the cover of Woman’s Day.  


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