Kate Upton complains about the Rumors plaguing her Life

Kate Upton laments the Rumors plaguing her Life

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The supermodel, Kate Upton has lamented the wacky rumors that have been plaguing her life. She is truly sick and tired of them for most of them are just not true.

Kate Upton said in a recent interview that she has had it up till here with the wild and baseless news the tabloids print about her on a daily basis. See hot and sexy Photos of Kate Upton.

She says that she is just another supermodel and doesn’t deserve to be pestered so nastily by the paparazzi and pressmen. Often she will read news about herself that do not have an iota of truth to them yet her family members will get worried and call her about the latest story printed about her. 

“READING things about myself that aren’t true drives me crazy!” Kate Upton told Vogue‘s Lauren Milligan.

“I’ve managed to block it out, but my family really hasn’t – so they’ll read about me and then call me up saying, ‘Are you alright? I saw this happened’ and my mum will call and say: ‘Well, I saw you went to Vegas, when you could have come to the family reunion…’ and I’m like, ‘mum, I swear, I’m in Europe!’ It’s insane!”

Kate is not ordinary though. She has a gorgeous body and a face and golden hair that would make nine out of ten fools fall in love with her. And the tenth would be a bloody fool who would jump out of a hotel window for her sake. 

She is so photogenic that her face is on every magazine and tabloid west of Suez. She acted in a recent movie with the illustrious Cameron Diaz. Kate is a very lively and vivacious person just brimming with energy and enthusiasm. She is super-fit and has the body of a sex goddess.

Kate Upton also shared a bed selfie of herself recently taken by two of her fellow photographers on Instagram. She was topless in bed and had a disheveled look like she had just woken up in the morning. And she seemed drop dead gorgeous.   

In the capacity of a supermodel, she has that je ne sais quoi that has defined the actresses and great women of the past. And she is not only a fixture on the cover of Vogue but has a Bobbi Brown contract to fulfill too. 

Tom Ford is her hero among males and she looks up to him as the ideal masculine symbol that represents classic cool looks. She said that men who oozed testosterone and confidence were liked and admired by the whole of society. It was all about being high maintenance. 

“Being groomed is about confidence, and I’m always talking about women’s confidence but men’s confidence is important too,” she said. “I don’t really have a dealbreaker in grooming, because I think if a man is confident and walks into the room that way, I just fall for it. Tom Ford is the perfect example of great grooming.”

Kate has a high self esteem and is an optimistic person. She is enthused about life to the extreme. And she cannot get enough of the good times. She admits that she learnt how to smile for the cameras and on the catwalk from her mother. It always ended her nervousness on the spot.    

“My mother always taught me that smiling when you walk into a room is the best beauty secret, so if I’m nervous when I walk in I just smile, and I think everyone warms to you quicker that way,” she said. 

“Sometimes people look stern when I come on set, just because they’re concentrating or getting ready for their day, but I’ll chat and smile and finally I break them down!”


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