Kate Winslet looks Beautiful on Harper’s Bazaar Cover

Kate Winslet looks Beautiful on Harper’s Bazaar Cover

Alexi Lubomirski/ Harper’s Bazaar

Kate Winslet looks absolutely beautiful on the front cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine in its March Issue. She also had a thing or two to say about herself and what she believes in the interview.

Kate Winslet is the epitome of Marilyn Monroesque well-balanced beauty and plumpness. Though she is way more fitter and slimmer than the voluptuous and pneumatic Marilyn of yore, she is still the exception in today’s world of zero size models and the anorexic wirehanger women that grace our runways and ramps. 

She is indeed a woman’s woman who has the grace and good sense to age gracefully and not go on such disgusting things as diets. As a mouthpiece for Lancome, Kate has an earthy sense of humor and often lets loose a volley of oaths and obscenities to show that she has her practical and passionate side. 

Civilization takes you too far away from your impulses. And Kate is a barbarian girl deep down inside. She looks incredibly beautiful in the March Issue cover of Harper’s Bazaar

The white screen goddess with her heavenly figure that would tempt any self-respecting man (married or otherwise) has a way of letting the frustrations and stresses of the times roll over her back like so much rain pouring on an umbrella.  

Kate Winslet is currently a mother of three children and ought to be obese by Western standards but she has a physique to die for. Dressed to kill, she poses for the camera on the cover photo shoot for the famous magazine. 

You cannot believe from her convo that this is the same woman who appeared as Rose alongside Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack in The Titanic. Kate described her costar on that epic movie as smelly in an offhand remark in an interview once. 

It is classic Kate to be perfunctory and straightforward with a good dose of healthy honesty. Furthermore, Kate said that she is a realist and does not believe in such grey and depressive things as diets and starvation regimens. 

Even after her third child’s birth, she refused to undergo any caloric restrictions to come back to her original size. Weight and a bit of padding look good on a woman. They only add to her beauty. 

Life is too short to focus on such punishing routines that are sheer torture. Better to eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die! As for her two divorces, she is adamant that she doesn’t have any regrets regarding her decisions.

Kate Winslet still loves her three children and that is all that matters. Your life is shaped by both positive and negative influences. You have to take the good with the bad. That makes you who you are essentially. Without such a conviction you might as well admit that you are a screwed-up individual and vegetate! 


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