Kathy Griffin quits Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne feels Proud

Kathy Griffin departs from Fashion Police after Kelly Osbourne

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  • Kathy Griffin quits Fashion Police after Kelly Osbourne

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is the second person to have departed from the Fashion Police platform after Kelly Osbourne quit over the Giuliana-Zendaya controversy.

Kathy Griffin posted a long rant on Twitter explaining her position regarding her departure from Fashion Police. She said that she was a fun-loving and happy female who also happened to be a feminist. She had even fought for LGBT rights and was a person who loved a mutual laugh at someone’s expense.

But she also spoke of how her humor was all about context. Thus while she was all out for any kind of prank or guffaw, she wouldn’t dream of denigrating someone based on their race or body type. It was too gross to even consider being grist for the humor mill.

She explained how the style format of Fashion Police didn’t suit her and so she was going to be leaving for good. She wished the other people on the show well and took a bow.

There was also another tweet with a pic of Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin lolling out their tongues which can be seen touching at their tips in the picture. 

After Joan Rivers’ death, Fashion Police just wasn’t the same show anymore. It lost its magic touch and the spark in the dark it furnished was gone with the wind. Especially after Giuliana Rancic’s racist and off-putting remark about teen star, Zendaya Coleman, regarding her hair smelling like weed and patchoulli oil, things went downwards from there onwards.

Kelly defended Giuliana by saying that Giuliana had already apologized and should be left alone. But the bitter comments from Zendaya’s fans kept pouring in. That was when Kelly quit the show.

She said that Zendaya was her friend too and that she would not be a witness to a scene where racism and body dysmorphic comments reigned. Afterwards Kathy too decided to get up and leave the show high and dry as regards its ratings.

Now only Giuliana and another guy are left behind on the platform. And the lame jokes and flat one liners don’t do full justice to what was a sparklingly witty show under the tutelage of the late and great Joan Rivers.

It is hoped some replacement will be found ultimately. But that will take time and the patience of angels for the recruitment team responsible for the show. Let’s hope whoever comes to take on the helmsmanship doesn’t make a crass joke of the order of Giuliana Rancic for that would spell doom and disaster for the show. 


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