Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating Secretly?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating Secretly?

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  • Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx /4/be in Love with One Another

There are rumors doing the round to the effect that the actress and erstwhile wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx /4/be seriously in love with one another. They are on the dating circuit for now at least.

Katie Holmes is one foxy lady and as for Jamie Foxx, it goes without saying that he is a sexy and suave man. The two /4/just be romantically involved with each other. But according to the grapevine although its been nearly 356 days since they began seeing one another, it is just a little flirting here and there and good old platonic love that exists between them.

In other words, nothing to get all worked up about for their fans. It isn’t like they are all over each other and they probably hardly hold hands in public. They are very good friends and that is the end of the story. The fact is though that since they are both drop dead gorgeous as far as looks and figures go, the public will be naturally curious and want to know if the love bug has bit them both. 

The admirers of the two who have inside information told People that they are a very rational and mature twosome who wouldn’t dare elope with one another. They don’t have the mentality of the characters in Hemingway’s novels who are locked up in the teenage stage for their entire lives.

Katie Holmes moved to Los Angeles with her daughter Suri recently. Foxx, whose residence is situated nearby had Holmes visiting him and spending some quality time with him thereby provoking wagging tongues.

But sometimes what looks like a murder scene is just a surgery taking place. So let’s not get our hackles up at a little innocent hobnobbing between and man and a woman. Yet the rumors persist.

The two were seen dancing away the hours at a charity event once too. And the fact that they spend a lot of time together only adds fuel to the fire of the tabloids. As for Katie, she is no spinster or Miss Grundy.

Rather she is a very sensual and sophisticated woman who has a heart that beats in her breast. Not the sort to be averse to a little playful banter or seductive wiles, she has admitted to being on the lookout for love. It is anyone’s wild guess or prediction whether she gets up close and personal with Jamie Foxx in the future or not.   


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