Katniss Everdeen: Jennifer Lawrence engages in some Kiss-and-Tell

Jennifer Lawrence engages in some Kiss-and-Tell in Interview

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games fame engaged in some kiss-and-tell in a recent interview.

The fit and fabulous actress jokingly said that kissing her costars was a hazardous act on screen since you never knew which one of them might have an STD such as herpes, according to MTV. Since she has smooched with both Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, she is wary of getting a bad case of herpes. And that means lip sores. 

Hutcherson showed the inside of his lower lip at the moment Jennifer spoke these words. Hutcherson plays Peeta in the Hunger Games while Liam plays Gale. Both are involved with Jennifer’s character of Katniss Everdeen. Lawrence then made her stance clear by saying that she was sorry that she said that since herpes was a disease that had many bad consequences. Hutcherson still insisted though that he had herpes.  

As Katniss on screen, Jennifer also sings a song “The Hanging Tree” which becomes a sort of lullaby for revolutionaries. However, Jennifer says that she is not into singing and she was terrible at the job. She didn’t feel very comfortable performing in front of so many via her vocal chords.

It looks like Jennifer has a flaw or two despite her fame and fortune. She is otherwise such a slim and smart not to mention adept athlete, but when it comes to singing she lacks confidence and the chutzpah needed to belt out a tune.

According to The Wrap, Jennifer said that she had a Southern mom who encouraged her to apply herself to lots of things in life which she excelled in. But the one thing she could never get straight was singing. She was terrified of it due to an incident which took place while she was in school.

She sang the song Holly Jolly Christmas before her entire school and it was the most extreme embarrassment of her life. She sounded like an out-of-tune speaker and also had a grunting accent in her voice like a heavy metal star’s delivery.

That was the most frightening moment and she will regret it to this day. When David Letterman asked her to sing on his show, she said that she would walk out on him if he repeated his request. Methinks the lady doth protest too much! She didn’t even listen to her singing voice in the movie Mockingjay

Besides this Jennifer said that she had a fit body but how she actually thought of herself was as a supermodel in her mind. At least that is the sort of body image she thought of when she pictured her physique in her imagination.

According to E! News, her costar who acted as Peeta in the movie said that he had dropped a few pounds via the CGI diet. That stands for computer generated imagery diet. Lawrence said that she probably never had to have her body edited.

But her costar reminded her that they had included her in the CGI snipping job. That’s when her jaw fell wide open and she said that she had never realized that she lacked anything. She had all along thought herself to be a Victoria’s Secret model.

Then Jennifer confessed that she had reverse body dysmorphic disorder. However, she immediately took her words back due to the sensitivity surrounding the issue. About 1% of the population of the US have this disease and it involves them perceiving flaws in their bodies due to which they don’t go out and have a low view of themselves.

It is a seriously debilitating disease. However, if there ever was a perfect specimen it is Jennifer Lawrence. Not only is she fit as a fiddle but the girl is a fighter and warrior in her own right. She has also commented on empowering women to get back in love with their physiques and so is a strong symbol of a powerful woman in the modern world.

Jennifer furthermore said that she didn’t want to starve herself in order to fit in the Hollywood scheme of things. She would rather eat that hot dog the vendor was selling and buy cotton candy rather than go without all of life’s pleasures. We couldn’t agree with her more!

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