Katy Perry Reveals Something VERY Personal

Katy Perry Reveals Something VERY Personal

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The always open pop star revealed something on Twitter that she /4/have wanted to keep private!

Katy Perry is a well-known dog lover, and she is constantly giving money to animal organizations. She has a pup that she frequently posts pictures and videos of on her social media accounts and even took him to the premier of her movie. However the video she posted of him yesterday /4/just land her in some hot water!

Perry posted a video on her Twitter (70 million fans) and her Instagram (16 million fans) where she was playing with her dog, Butters. She captioned the photo: “B**** BETTER HAVE MY MONEY IF B**** WANTS SAUSAGES!” What she didn’t realize is that his dog tag was visible, and that gave away the singer’s telephone number. The Katy Kats, ever reliable, immediately started sending her frantic tweets saying alerting her to what she had done:

@Elle_KatyCat: “@katyperry bae do u realise there’s a phone number in that xox.”

@prismatickaty12: “Imagine calling the number. You: ‘KATY??’ Person: ‘No, this is Pizza Hut. What would u like?’ You: ‘i want a cheese pizza & a Katy Perry.'”

While some fans thought that it was an April Fool’s prank, some fans must have reached the singer or at least her voicemail.

Katy and her team did not take the video down for a few minutes, but she did eventually take it down. Any fans who will attempt to call that number today will likely receive an automatic message saying that number is no longer in service.

@sarahlampen is one of those Katy Kats who tried to call the singer after the phone had be deactivated: “@katyperry hi there would you just re connect your number so we can send you a video of us singing walking on air thank you.”

To further defuse the situation, Katy tweeted an April Fools photo of her with a super short cropped hairdo with the caption “I asked for the Kris Jenner.”


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