Katy Perry talks about the Super Bowl and Beyoncé for March Issue of ELLE

Katy Perry talks about the Super Bowl and Beyoncé for March Issue of ELLE

  • Katy Perry appears in All her Glory on ELLE Magazine March Cover.

Katy Perry of “Firework” fame appears in all her glory on the cover of ELLE magazine for third time.

Some time spent with the fun and funky pop star Katy Perry is very informative and a pleasure to be a part of. As she was interviewed and photographed for ELLE magazine during her Prismatic tour, she revealed a lot of surprising things that left those who talked to her completely amazed.

For one thing, she is very fluent and has what can only be termed the gift of the gab. Then she is very social and oozes feminine attraction. She is not an airhead bimbo and has plenty of brains between her ears.

As a businesswomen, she has a lot of horse sense about dollars and cents. And finally she is super-fit and super-straightforward. Appearing in ELLE’s March Issue, Katy spoke about everything from meditation to odd photographers.

She confesses that for the Super Bowl she is the only one who is accountable and responsible as far as the show details are concerned. She admits that she would literally jump off the Empire State Building for Beyonce. The wife of Jay-Z has always been her role model and ideal to follow no matter what.      

Then she also admires and adores Adele. According to Perry, Adele once nicked some Mexican eatables from her food stock. This was a source of amusement for Katy who laughed off the incident.

She and Adele have been BFFs ever since. She says that the pop music industry and show business in general are a lot more tougher to traverse than she had imagined as a little girl.

A great deal of hard knocks have to be taken in the school of adversity before you can find your bearings in this cruel profession. It definitely is not a walk in the park.

Perry spoke her mind when she said that if the pop stars were players in a stage play, then Kanye West would be the bad guy while Taylor Swift would be the damsel in distress. It was something that instantly comes to mind when you think about such a make belief scenario.

Katy also expatiated on why they called her The Boss. She likes to have her own way in things and was both the manager, the accountant and the PR lady in her one-woman show of high performance.

Whichever way you look at it, Katy Perry is living her dream. And though it is hard work, the effort she puts into her job does yield its benefits by the end of the day in ample amounts of cold hard cash and fame.  


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