Kelly Clarkson tells Katie Hopkins: “I’m Awesome!”

Kelly Clarkson tells Katie Hopkins: "I'm Awesome!"

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Katie Hopkins tried to fat shame Kelly Clarkson on twitter, but it backfired when Kelly failed to even recognise her and appeared happy and simply non-fussed about the hate comments.

Katie Hopkins a journalist dubbed the Wicked Witch has been fat shaming Kelly Clarkson with some very vicious comments. Hopkins tweeted some very rude comments about Kelly last week starting by exclaiming what happened to Kelly and did Kelly eat all her back up dancers to appear so fat. 

Hopkins didn’t just stop there after receiving criticism for having called out Kelly Clarkson on her weight Hopkins made an appearance on the Graham Norton and further went on to call Kelly Clarkson a chunky monkey.

Hopkins believes Kelly needs to take out her stroller and do some pushing to get her weight off. During her appearance on ET Hopkins did not stop from crossing any limit and addressed Kelly’s baby weight as Carrot cake.

The entire point of her viciousness directed towards Kelly was to raise awareness towards weight issues as Hopkins considers people give fat cute names such as Baby weight, Puppy fat etc. so they don’t have to face the reality and her criticism while very harsh is needed. 

Bravo Katie Hopkins I hope you feel good about yourself  as you gained your 15 seconds of fame by giving out caustic remarks and calling a multitalented singer out for being fat because she had a baby and has more important responsibilities than just losing weight. 

Kelly Clarkson for her part made us love her even more when she got wind of the nasty comments being made about her. During an interview with Heat amagzine when Kelly was asked about what she thinks about Katie Hopkins comments, Kelly replied she did not even know her and has no idea.

Kelly further said who the hell is Katie? And went on to laugh and explain it doesn’t bother her if someone she doesn’t even know tweets something nasty about her. According to Kelly it’s a free world and say whatever you want to she just doesn’t give a damn about the haters. 

Kelly is happy and confident and has been even more so since she had a family and doesn’t seek acceptance from people who gain attention by shaming her weight. Kelly further shared she believes in teaching her daughter River Rose and Savannah to be happy with whoever you are and to just let your light shine. Recently her album ‘Piece by Piece’ went number 1 on iTunes and evidently Kelly has no time for haters.

Take that Katie Hopkins… you’re not even a fly on Kelly’s radar! The entire debacle raises the question how a woman can try to shame another woman because her body aesthetics are not perfection and if Katie Hopkins really does want to do well and raise awareness about weight there are better ways to go about it than insulting someone with crude comments.


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