Kendall Jenner asks Kris Jenner to stop being her Manager

Kendall Jenner asks Kris Jenner to stop being her Manager

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Kendall Jenner will not be having Momager Kris Jenner overseeing her from now onwards. At least that is the latest news from the grapevine.

Kris Jenner is about to get demoted as the manager or rather “Momager” of Kendall Jenner. While the busy mama deals with all the loose ends left behind by her many daughters, she has one girl who is on fire. 

18-year-old  Kendall’s modeling career has really taken off leaving the rest of the Kardashians in a heap of dust. And the 18 year old Kendall doesn’t want her mother unnecessarily interfering in her life. 

In fact, she has given hints lately that she will probably be moving to Europe where the real modeling catwalks are extant (think Paris and Milan). Already, Kendall has shifted to her own tenement in LA and she has cut back on her involvement in the reality TV show KUWTK. 

The presence of Kim and Kanye on the show was something which didn’t go down too well with her. Kendall clearly wants to live in the City of Food and Freedom, Paris. 

And she doesn’t want her mom, Kris Jenner looking into her matters. The girl is seeking independence and she is not coming back once she escapes the clutches of the Kardashian Clan. 

“She’s moved out of the family home into her own LA apartment. With [sister] Kim [Kardashian West] and Kanye [West] living there, everything felt too crazy and she’s keen to scale back her involvement in the reality show,” a source told Yahoo! News.

“She’s thought to be considering a move to Paris, and there are whispers Kris /4/be asked to step down as her manager.”


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Kim, who was going to her sister’s fashion shows, was requested in plain words by Kendall to stop poking her nose where it didn’t belong. Since Kim is a big showoff and an attention-seeker to boot, she is not a person who is in Kendall’s good books. 

The media frenzy that accompanies Kim is something which Kendall finds very disturbing. She respects her family and wants them to respect her too by acknowledging the fact that she is a responsible grownup who can make her own decisions. 

“Kendall loves Kim but feels uncomfortable with the fanfare that accompanies her,” the source explained.

“She wants to be accepted by the industry on her own terms, which is impossible when Kim and Kanye are arriving in headline-grabbing outfits. Kim means the world to Kendall, and vice versa, but they increasingly belong in different worlds.”

Basically, Kendall wants to be renowned on her own terms and for her own qualities instead of just being another one of the K’s. And while she has been linked with celeb stars, such as Justin Bieber and Harry Styles of One Direction, she is not out for some predatory male conquests. 

The source said, “Kendall is concentrating on her career. She isn’t interested in becoming one half of a power-couple, she’s more low-key than that.”

Kendall Jenner wants to stick to her job which is modeling and make some money of it as well as garner a bit of fame in the process.   

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