Kerry Washington InStyle Cover sparks Controversy

Kerry Washington InStyle Cover invites Criticism

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Kerry Washington appeared on the cover of InStyle magazine’s March issue and she is looking whiter than usual which invited criticism from many quarters. However, the magazine addresses the issue of Kerry’s whiter skin.

Kerry Washington is engaged in a fine balancing act. Career, hubby and baby all feature in her life and must be given equal time and attention. She beautifully portrays the character of Olivia Pope in the television series Scandal where two men vie for her love.

As an accomplished actress and media icon, she truly epitomizes the saying that “Black is Beautiful”. Yet on the cover of InStyle magazine, Kerry appeared to be whitened and highlighted to death.

Kerry Washington looked like a ghostly version of her previous self. This was due to extreme Photoshopping. When Kerry posted her front cover pic on Instagram, the negative comments started coming in right away.

Someone said that she was white and this was not her true color. Another Net freak spoke of how he wanted the original Kerry and this one was a facsimile.

Some of the responses also shamed her for assenting to such a blatantly disrespectful act that made a mockery of the Black Pride Movement. We should all be comfortable in the skin we are in whether we happen to be black, white, yellow or red.



The magazine issued a statement after the commotion to the effect that a blunder had been made. Thanks were offered for the feedback. The lighting during the photo shoot was blamed for the mishap.

Otherwise, the magazine execs refused to acknowledge that any highlighting or extensive Photoshopping had taken place. Kerry was a far cry from her real life self in the photo shoot. Even her full lips had been airbrushed intensively to the extent that they are a shadow of what they were before the photo session.


Kerry corroborated the statement by the magazine and said that she was glad someone had stood up for her. Earlier on, Kerry Washington had mentioned on her Instagram page that she was so excited and ecstatic to be on the cover of InStyle.

But that was precisely when the put-down remarks started pouring in regarding her fake skin tone. This sort of fakery happens oftentimes. There was the recent vamp-like look which was given to an ordinary sweet picture of Kate Middleton.


Her pic was enhanced and picked apart to the point where it hardly bore any resemblance to the actual Kate. A similar thing seems to have taken place with reference to Kerry Washington but here it is race instead of looks that is the main issue.     


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