Kerry Washington talks about Awkward Sex Scenes

Kerry Washington talks about Awkward Sex Scenes

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Kerry Washington talked about her awkward sex scenes in the TV show Scandal recently.

She appears in the TV show Scandal where her character is a phenomenon in itself. The dresses she wears have inspired a cult following. And one of the major reasons behind the publicity is her hot and happening sex scenes with the president of the United States on the show (that would be Tony Goldwyn). 

She admits like most other stars that the sex scenes are a difficult proposal since they just feel plainly weird to her. Firstly, the shamelessness of doing things you normally do with your significant other is a big put-off. Then having so many eyes staring at you on set is another drawback. 

Kerry Washington said with reference to Goldwyn that she had learnt to respect his wife and family while he returned the compliment. There had to be a professional distance between them in order for normality and stability to reign on set.  

Meanwhile, Kerry’s makeup was done via a lot of Neutrogena products. As for her hairstyle, it was like that of a 50s movie star. Kerry has faced many challenges in life. She says that the times have definitely changed from the days when colored people didn’t have any rights. 

Her stunning picture on the cover of Allure on the other hand shows her sexy lips. Kerry is a true Black Beauty and lends credence to the dictum that Black is Beautiful. She said that she was very particular about her shoes. They were the very style item that defined her and she was often asking her wardrobe specialists on set where her shoes were. 

Kerry is lucky in that the Creator has been very good to her. Her physique and her face both hold the “allure” that

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fascinates so many men in real life. And if she were to concentrate while out shopping she would notice that the majority of magazines had articles about her in them. 

Kerry Washington is a famous celeb that lacks nothing whatsoever. So she is thankful for the fact that she has been blessed with so many things. 

Sources: Allure via UsWeekly

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