Kevin Harvick is the 2014 Sprint Cup Champion

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Kevin Harvick is the 2014 Sprint Cup Champion

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Kevin Harvick is the 2014 Sprint Cup Champion

Kevin Harvick‘s efforts have finally bore fruits. Harvick has been crowned as the new 2014 Sprint Cup Champion. According to SBnation, Harvick finished ahead of Ryan Newman, Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano.

The event took place last Sunday at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Though the four contenders did not take lead at the initial stages of the race, they were the pace setters because they remained in the first ten group. The race took a different turn when there were just 20 laps to go.

It is then that Harvick decided to replace four of his tires. The complete makeover is actually what gave him an edge over other drivers. Logano also got four tire replacements but since luck was not on his side the jack fell off causing the driver to be way too behind.

Hamlin was interested in making any tire replacement. Perhaps he thought they were going to see him through the entire race. But he was mistaken because they were totally worn out in the final stages and they are actually the reason why he could not carry the day yet he had the chance before his eyes.

Newman got just two tires replaced. By the second restart, Logano was rallying at position 21. Hamlin seemed to be doing just fine at the second place while Newman was closely following him.

Harvick was definitely destined to scoop the award because his rivals had old and worn out tires. At position 12, Harvick took advantage of decline in performance of Hamlin and Newman to swiftly take position 12.

With just 12 laps remaining, Harvick was now at position 6 and still counting. Hamlin has his tires to blame because they are the ones that dragged him behind. Newman was actually closing in to be position 2. But his swift moves did not mean anything to Harvick because he could count on his new tires.

Harvick was able to defeat Newman. Even though Logano was behind at position 21, he still managed to move five slots closer to end the race at position 16.Despite the disappointment, Hamlin said he was grateful for getting an opportunity to race. Hamlin felt that the tires were responsible for failing them.

“By no means did we have a seventh-place car,” Hamlin said. “To come out there and at least have a shot at it and be leading this thing with a few things to go, but we just couldn’t overcome those tires and that was all she wrote.”

On the other hand, Logano was very embarrassed by his performance. He actually stated that his chances this year have been lost. He however grateful to his car for having helped him win other races.

“I am proud of (his crew guys) but it is hard to be proud right now after coming home wherever we finished in this race,” Logano said. “I don’t even know what that is, I don’t even care. You don’t get shots at championships often. Hopefully we get another next year. This car had a lot of wins and a lot of top fives and it doesn’t mean a thing.”

Harvick has so far won five races in this season. The star has also won the Stewart-Haas Racing twice. Stewart was actually present on Sunday to see his driver do the magic. The driver appreciated Stewart  for supporting his team with training materials and facilities.

“They gave us all the resources that we needed, and said whatever you guys think you need, you go get,” Harvick said of his new team. “We never talked about money, we never talked about any anything financial. It was just go get what you need. We built all brand new race cars, trucks, trailers … all new people.”




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