KFC Tray Typer Allows to Text with Greasy Fingers

KFC Tray Typer Allows to Text with Greasy Fingers

  • KFC Will Now Provide Their Customers With A Bluetooth Tray Typer
  • Save Your Smartphone from Chicken Grease

It doesn’t matter if you have greasy hands when you are eating at KFC, now you will be provided with a Tray Typer.

So this kind of thing has happened to almost everyone one of us. We’ve just ordered a burger at KFC and when we get our order we take our first bite. Now suddenly your phone starts to ring and you start to get messages on your phone.

Or if that is not the case and the meal is too good, you start to itch to get a picture so that you could upload it to your Instagram account. KFC knows what kind of problems people face every day because they are observing them while they are eating their meals.

Now KFC has introduced a new KFC Tray Typer. This Tray Typer will make your lives really easy as you can put all the grease in the world on it. So now when you order your meal, you get this rechargeable thin Bluetooth keyboard.

This thin keyboard will lay on top of the tray. So now you can protect your smartphone screen by making a mess on this thin Bluetooth screen. So this new keyboard has replaced the standard grease absorbing papers that are usually found on the trays.

So if you are worried about that someone else had previously used this keyboard and has messed it up, then you don’t need to worry because this keyboard could be cleaned. So this keyboard is durable enough to be wiped down and re used.

The creator of the keyboard said that these keyboards have been really popular amongst the KFC customers and that every one of the keyboards has been taken home. This is a new marketing scheme by KFC in Germany.

The users will connect their phones with this keyboard via Bluetooth. So it looks like now that KFC has introduced these thin keyboards to the consumers, their competitors will surely try to upstage them so that more people would come to their restaurants.

Sources: Gutwerbung via The Verge

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