Khloe Kardashian reignites her Past Relationships. What about La/3/Odom?

Khloe Kardashian is back with French Montana. Why?

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Khloe Kardashian is reigniting her past relationships especially with rapper French Montana. What about La/3/Odom?

While Khloe and French Montana are not really that into each other once again, they are seeing each other on an on-again and off-again basis. According to the KUWTK star, they were hanging out together recently alright. However, she didn’t like to say anything further at this point in their reawakened relationship. 

“We’re hanging out,” Khloe Kardashian said. “I don’t think there’s a title on anything.”

When people comment on her romantic life, Khloe gets irritated since she says that it is not like a light switch that is either turned on or off. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not. It depends upon the times and the situations through which the relationship is going through. 

She had dated French Montana for a few months and then the two had called it a day in September. However, he did attend her sister Kendall’s birthday party. According to Khloe, Montana is very cool and being with him was really fun. “I’m having fun,” Kardashian said. “He was at Kendall’s birthday.”

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But she is single and loving every single second of singlehood to the limit. She has no plans to wed Montana. Montana had even planned a safari for the two once. She has thanked him publicly for introducing her to the atmosphere of the savannah and bringing her out of her shell. 

Khloe and Montana bought Sean Puffy Combs a luxury vehicle for his birthday too recently. Sean is currently 45 years old. The previous year, French Montana had bought a car for Khloe. This year the two decided to give Puffy a surprise and bought him one instead. 

“Last year, French got Khloé a car for her birthday and gave it to her at a party Diddy hosted,” an eyewitness told E! News. “This year, French and Khloé decided to buy Diddy a car and thought it would be fun to surprise him at his party. The car was parked out front and French walked Diddy outside for the surprise.”

Meanwhile, Khloe sent a message to La/3/Odom, her estranged husband, on the occasion of his birthday. It proves she still has some love for him in her heart. After she talked to him for a few seconds on the telephone, she wrote a message on Instagram in the form of a short poem. 

It went “…Like time suspended, a wound unmended…you and I… said no goodbye, I wonder why”. The touching words must have felt like arrows piercing the heart of La/3/Odom. The only other sign of love was an emoji of a heart above the poem. It looks like she is definitely still half crazy for Lamar. 

Et bilde publisert av Khloé (@khloekardashian) på

There is unfinished business between the two. By the way, La/3/turns 35 on November 6 and Khloe also wished La/3/happy birthday. “They always talk, and [Lamar’s birthday] was no different. They didn’t talk about her boyfriend. It was a very brief ‘Hello, happy birthday’ conversation because she was on the run,” a source told HollywoodLife.

La/3/is however unhappy that Khloe is back together again with French Montana. “La/3/feels duped because he really thought [Khloe] was done with [French],” a source close to La/3/told HollywoodLife. “He feels like Khloe’s the one who’s playing games with him now. They’d been talking for months and she never even told La/3/she was talking to French again.”

He wants her to stop playing cat and mouse and come to the point with him. If she says so, La/3/will gladly sign the divorce papers and be over and done with her. “She could make it official today,” another source said. “All she has to do is tell him and he will make it happen. But that conversation hasn’t happened.”

However “Khloe knows where he is,” the source added. “She just hasn’t made a move or told him flat out what she wants to do.” Will Khole ask La/3/to sign the papers? What do you think?

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