Kim, Kanye, and North on the way to Armenia

Kim, Kanye, and North on the way to Armenia


The reality star and her family are going to explore her heritage.

The Kardashian Krew are taking their first family trip to Armenia to explore some of their heritage. Robert Kardashian Sr. was Armenian-American, and the Kardashian ladies are half-Armenian, which also makes North part Armenian as well. An insider told E!: “Visiting Armenia has been on Kim’s bucket list forever. They are all so excited! They want to learn about their heritage.”

The family has talked about visiting Armenia several times on their television show, but it hasn’t been possible with their schedule. Also surprising, Kanye is joining the family while on vacation. Usually he won’t join the family on vacation, or he will fly out by himself. This time, however, he joined the family as they made their way through LAX. Kim was the first ever cover girl for the Armenia Cosmopolitan magazine and the country has publically invited the family there before as well. 

While Kim, Kanye, and North were the only ones spotted, the rest of the family is said to be making their way this week.

See the video below where the family talks about their Armenian roots:




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