Kim Kardashian: Koolest & Kutest Kats with Killer Kurves!

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The Konfident, Kultural Kalashnikov kalled Kimberly Kardashian…One of the Koolest & Kutest Kats with Killer Kurves!


21st of October, 1980 (Ah! The 80s…that Greedy and Glam Decade of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”).

Social Media Accounts





Avenue of Entry into the Global Village

Los Angeles, California (She is a Beverly Hills ingénue and is the top earning reality TV celebs). 

Creative Endeavor

Reality TV Starlet, Media Mama, Sexiest Siren that likes to shoot from the Hip (she recently posed for Playboy), Fashion Design Expert, Commercial Chief, Supermodel with some Extra Padding and Screen Seductress.  

Q. Where does the Tons of Cash she has in the Bank come from?

A. Reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” has made Kim (nicknamed Kimmie) the richest Realist of a Television Star in history. KUWTK is pretty popular among the common people and boob tube addicts in America. It was a venture that was begun by Ryan Seacrest.  

List of Movies she’s been in

  • Disaster Movie
  • CSI: NY
  • Beyond the Break
  • Deep in the Valley
  • Drop Dead Diva
  • American Dad

TV Shows she has appeared in

  • The Simple Life
  • DWTS
  • Kourtney and Kim take Miami
  • Kourtney and Kim take New York
  • America’s Next Top Model
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • 90210
  • Last Man Standing
  • 30 Rock
  • Punk’d

Her Single Song that made it into the Means of Musical Mass Media 

  • Jam (Turn it Up)

Awards for her Winning Attitude

  • At least Half a Dozen Teen Choice Awards for KUWTK
  • Two Golden Raspberry Awards
  • A Choice TV Award

And she even has a Video Game named after her

  • Called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood…the game, which is workable on iPhone and Android, features the making of a starlet in the cutthroat dog-eat-dog environment of Tinsel Town. But seeing Sexy Kim in real life or on reality TV is much more interesting and titillating than seeing pixels of her on a video or mobile phone screen.    

Partial List of Perfumes she’s Produced Up Until Now

Some Facts at Glance about this Fantasy Figure

  • Her early education took place in relatively conservative settings. It was a Catholic school she attended while young. Only later on did Kim and her sisters and half sisters began to socialize on the party scene. Soon enough they got a role on the reality TV show KUWTK. Ever since then life has been a dollar-filled existence for all members of the family. 
  • A porn video of her and rap artist Ray J started doing the rounds. This of course had been leaked and so Kim tried her best to hush up the affair. But the end result was that the company settled the issue with her outside of court for a couple of million dollars.
  • Kim’s hardest phase in life was speaking with tears in her eyes and a choked voice at the funeral of her real dad Robert. He died of throat cancer.  
  • Kim has a stepdad in the form of Bruce Jenner who is a Decathlon Olympic athlete. Among the family members who appear regularly on KUWTK /4/be included: mom and dad Kris and Bruce, sisters Kourtney and Khloe, half-sisters Kylie and Kendall and brother, Rob.  
  • Her original father is of Armenian American descent while her mother has Dutch and Scot ancestry. To this day, Kim Kardashian supports the organizations which offer sympathy and redressing of wrongs for the Armenian Genocide which took place in the past. 

Life Story in a Nutshell

A Whirlwind Affair of a Life…that is Covered from Every Angle on Reality TV

She began life as a pampered daughter of parents who gave their children everything in terms of the good life. They sent Kim to a school that was diametrically opposed to the loose morals she would be known for later on. At least the Victorian institution she attended would never even deign to consider one of their alumni to be capable of making a home pornography video which would go viral later on. Kim has passed through the grinder of being in the spotlight and come out relatively unscathed.

She is a regular feature and center of attention in KUWTK. There the camera’s eye which is bold and full of bravura captures her every move especially her round and curvaceous butt. Like Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj before her, she is known for her twin assets downstairs that are bigger and more bulbous than Pamela Anderson’s big and pompous boobs. 

Besides dating a series of high profile alpha males, including Nick Lachey, Kim tied the knot with Kris Humphries and then split up with him after a short period of two months and two weeks. She put the divorce down to the emotional abuse Humphries was heaping upon her. The court finally allowed the “splitsville” schemata and cited irreconcilable differences as the main reason behind their breakup.  

The show KUWTK started out slow and steady and became quite a popular show. It follows the lives of the Kardashians as they go about their everyday business. Despite the sarcasm and constant bickering not to mention in-fighting among them all, they are actually all one huge happy family that eats together and drinks together and walks together and talks together. And the interest factor is always there since most of the actions and scenes seen on the show are full of sexual innuendo and expletives that add spice to the space.    

After going through the many men in her life, Kim decided to get hitched with rapper Kanye West. And that occurred after the two had a baby out of wedlock. They named the child North. That meant her full name would be North West (Kanye’s surname would be added as an appendage at the end). She has also been given a cute nickname by mom and dad. Kim and Kanye celebrated her birthday recently. And as for the wedding of the two, it was a grand and costly affair that took place in Italy. 

Kim is one of the richest celebs on the planet. Right now she is worth close to $45 million dollars. This is one female entrepreneur and wheeling dealing demolition damsel-who-can-digress that has made it big by everything from endorsing cookie diets to starting cosmetic line of products. She recently penned an autobiography titled Kardashian Konfidential. And her achievements include a series of workout videos too. This is a funky babe with the sexiest of bodies and the coolest of antics on the reality TV show KUWTK. She is literally living the life of Riley and has never backed away from controversy. And the biggest psychological defense mechanism she has is that she is comfortable with her own body.  

Yet there was a time when she prayed she would lose her extra padding. 

Sayings of the Senorita

  • Kim says that having a lot of siblings is like having a great many intrinsic pals for life. 
  • People underestimate her, says Kim, and then they are pleasantly shocked by her achievements in the real world out there.  
  • She admits that the perfectionistic streak in her is a product of the public.
  • Kim explains that her ambition is very extreme. It is her middle name. 
  • She adores Kanye and says he is very understanding.   


So burn all you haters of reality TV! Kim Kardashian happens to be larger than life and is currently on top of the world!

She has a bod better than any Greek goddess and her mind is sharper than you think. Money doesn’t grow on trees and her fame means she will live forever in the mind of the people. 

She is a heroine extraordinaire!

Kim…you are a Knock-Out, Kiss-worthy and Ka$h-worthy, Kwality Kickass Babe! 

Keep it up, Kim!

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