Kim Kardashian’a Uterus will be Removed after Second Baby

Kim Kardashian Uterus will be Removed after Second Baby

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Kim Kardashian has bad news about getting pregnant again. Kim Kardashian found out that she has to loose her uterus if she has another baby.

Kim Kardashian’s start at the premiere of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians took a turn for the worst as the 34 years old reality star went to a fertility specialist to consult about having another baby.

There was a time when Kim was pregnant with North and she was telling people that there wasn’t enough money in the world that could make her go through pregnancy again. However, since the day she had North, she has been telling people that she could not wait to get pregnant again.

For two years now she has been trying for another baby with husband Kanye West. Reportedly, the couple had been having sex hundred times a day and she had been doing every customary thing in the book to try and conceive once more. She has expressed that it would be her heartfelt wish to give North a baby brother or sister.

Following up on that wish, she went to the specialist. What the doctor told Kim was bad news all the way. She came back and tried to get a hold of Kanye to tell him what she had found out. First off, Kim needs immediate surgery to clear out her uterus. And that won’t be all.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity, the specialist told her that her placenta had grown over her uterus and if she had another baby, the placenta will go right into her uterus during delivery of the next baby. They will then have to take her to a team of a surgical team in an emergency surgery who will do a hysterectomy on her, that is, remove her uterus. 

Kim said that the specialist explained to her the worst case scenarios that the next baby she would have will make her loose her uterus and North might be their last baby. She said that she was so stressed out by it all so she sat there and cried.

She told her husband that despite their tries, they couldn’t have another baby without huge risks. Even with everything they had been trying including Kim dying her hair platinum blonde. It might be a good sign.

Had they conceived a baby and Kim would have had no choice but to loose her uterus for sure, now they have options and they can seek treatment. All the same, it breaks our hearts for the couple who is so in love with each other and wants to make their family grow.

Especially when Kanye celebrated Kim with a collection of photos on his Twitter for a new photoshoot, congratulating her on 30 million followers and the premiere of the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 


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