Kimberly Guilfoyle: Young Ladies not to bother casting their Votes

Kimberly Guilfoyle tells Young Ladies not to bother casting their Votes

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Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle told young ladies not to bother casting their individual votes in the midterm elections which are due soon.

Everybody knows that voting is the most basic right that a decent law-abiding citizen of a modern state can possess. And there is the fact that there is no taxation without representation. The youth is especially being goaded to play its unique role as a game changer in the midterm elections which are about to occur in the near future. 

But a member of The Five on Fox News, Kimberly Guilfoyle, appeared to have a different take on the whole matter. Apparently her lousy advice to the youth especially females is not to vote at all. Stay at home and knit sweaters! She spoke very vocally as a co-host on the show that young women ought to be let off the hook as far as voting was concerned and should instead frequent Tinder and 

Miss Kimberly held the view that since the young lasses don’t have the necessary experience in the school of hard knocks that their elder females have, they ought to leave this duty to the latter. Childrearing and clearing up any outstanding bills was a job that experienced and mature women accomplished on a regular basis. 

And so, according to Kimberly, they were better suited to handle the realities of the world such as voting. Young ladies ought to take an interest in other matters. 

After the story went viral and the criticism started pouring in, Kimberly retracted her inflammatory statements. She said that she had meant only this much that young ladies ought to get the requisite knowledge about the political scenario before they voted. 

What Kimberly had actually wanted to convey was the fact that one ought to be informed before one takes a crucial and vital decision. To be swayed by public opinion at a young age was a bad thing since it made the efforts of those who voted mindfully an exercise in futility. 

But the fact is that female youth are not just dumb bimbos. They show up at the polling booths in even more numbers than their male counterparts. And they want to bring radical changes in paychecks and human rights for all the minorities in the United States. 

The irresponsible statement by Kimberly has been seen as an affront to women. This Republican bias has been pointed out by other critics who say that while elderly and married women voted for Mitt Romney in the previous elections, young single mothers voted for Barack Obama instead.   

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