Kindle Convert transforms Paper Text into Digital Form

Kindle Convert transforms Paper Text into Digital Form


Amazon Kindle Convert software transforms any paper text you /4/possess into digital form as a Kindle e-Book.

Amazon is proud to announce the release of its Kindle Convert. This is a valuable program that allows consumers to change their important papers, jottings, pics and textual mementoes into Kindle e-books.

It is there for anyone to avail at Amazon and is also present on Windows 7 and 8. Right now, the rate is $19 and later on it will probably rise to $49 after discount ends. As for the software necessary to carry out the task, it is only to be found in the US of A for the time being. The download is worth 35MB.

The job of Kindle Convert is to produce Kindle e-books with a host of features. These /4/include the correct font size which is changeable, dictionary format, cost-free backup facility and capacity on the Amazon cloud platform.

Other amenities comprise Whispersync for the final page scanning and scribbling. The program works hand in hand with common scanners and forms Kindle books that are a knowledge treasure house. This boon will boost learning across the world once it becomes a relatively inexpensive facility. 

The vital step of going from a paper library of books to electronic textual material is the crux of the matter. Let’s face it, paper has only a limited date of expiry after which it starts to crumble and disintegrate.

Therefore, preserving the written information in the form of a format which will probably be around for virtually forever and ever is a very good thing indeed. And while the amenity is limited to US citizens and that too at a certain rate, it will not be long before it becomes so banal and common that it will be available worldwide and for free.

Now all those old books that are in tatters can be transferred onto an e-book format and you can read them all you want, whenever you want, without the hassles of applying any glue or scotch tape to the pages.

The age of the digital image has arrived whether you like it or not. And while it has not taken place without a few regrets or nostalgia for the past, the overall effect is for the better. Finally, humanity is coming of age and in a way what is happening today – all this – is what it was all about all along.   

Watch this Video to learn how Amazon Kindle Convert turns your personal books and library into high quality Kindle e-books.


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