Lake Bell and Scott Campbell Welcome a Baby Girl

Lake Bell and Scott Campbell welcome a Baby Girl

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Lake Bell and Campbell welcomed a baby girl in the family

Lake Bell and her husband Scott Campbell have welcomed a daughter in the family this week. Lake Bell gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Both husband and wife are celebrating this new entry in the family these days. Lake Bell and Campbell confirmed the birth of a baby girl by sharing this news to Us Weekly. 

It was Bell’s first pregnancy and this is also her first child with Campbell. Campbell is an artist and they both got married last year. Lake Bell announced her pregnancy in April when she appeared for the Tribeca Film Festival while showing her baby bump. Lake Bell had posted earlier on social media that she was really excited about this pregnancy. She shared her sentiments with her fans one month before the delivery. She said that she was very excited and had everything planned for this pregnancy. She also shared that she hoped that her baby comes early.

She posted her picture on her Instagram account showing her full baby bump. She shared the picture in which she said that she was prepared for her delivery. In that picture she stood in a messy room while wearing a mask. 

Lake and Campbell met at the set of the HBO show “How to make it America”. After their initial interaction both of them started dating and fell in love. They got engaged on 24th March, 2012 on Lake Bell’s birthday. Later on they married on June, 2013 in Louisiana. The couple has been happily married since then. 

Lake Bell managed to look trendy yet motherly while showing her baby bump on different occasions. She wore high heels and knew exactly how to carry herself around. Her elegant evening gowns showed her tiny baby bump and made her look adorable. 

The couple has not shared any pictures of their baby daughter with media. However it is said that the baby is healthy and very cute. It is hoped that fans will see some beautiful pictures of the new addition in the family soon via social media. 

She is starring in a movie “In a World” which was supposed to be released on 13th September as well.  

Source: DailyMail

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