Laura Poitras ‘Citizenfour’: Edward Snowden’s View of the National Security Agency?

Laura Poitras talks about Edward Snowden

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  • Laura Poitras’s ‘Citizenfour’ an insider’s view of National Security Agency.
  • Snowden’s e-mail to the filmmaker sparks suspicion.

This Friday Washington D.C, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco are going to experience ‘Citizenfour’. It gives an insider’s account of the National Security Agency’s programs. The documentary also looks at the famous informer Edward Snowden.

While giving interviews to various magazines Laura speaks about how she went on with this project. Keeping in mind the past circumstances such as the Iraq War and the prison at Guantanamo she has decided to carry on with such projects. She stated that attacking countries because they can be a threat to us in the future is setting a bad precedent.

That’s why she felt compelled to say something about this situation. Laura stated that as she documents these situations and goes through them thoroughly she looks at political issues through the experiences of the people rather than personal opinions.

She feels her independence has been breached as she was put on a watch list by the United States Government and is detained at borders.  The Academy Award nominated filmmaker explains that surveillance is just one way of expansion used by the National Security Agency.

Asked about Edward Snowden’s mail, she explained that she received her first e-mail from him in January 2013. He had seen my work and knew that I was interested in this field. Laura stated that Snowden did not want his identity to be hidden. He wanted people to know why he had done it.

When asked to comment on ways of secure communication, the filmmaker replied that encryption is one of the best ways in this regard and it is something journalists should use. She also explained that when worried about cyber security the government tops the chart due to its power.

Laura termed the celebrated social website Facebook as a gift to intelligence agencies as people volunteer their information. When asked if she was thinking about making another film she expressed that she would after taking a break. 

Will ‘Citizenfour’ make any impact on the surveillance policies carried out by the National Security Agency or just like the other documentaries will the organizations not pay any heed? Time will tell!

Source: WashingtonPost

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