Led Zeppelin unable to dismiss lawsuit

Led Zeppelin unable to dismiss lawsuit

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Led Zeppelin faces a lawsuit regarding his stealing “Stairway to Heaven”.

The band mates of Led Zeppelin are currently in Pennsylvania as they are facing a lawsuit for stealing hit song “Stairway to Heaven”. This lawsuit was filed by Randy Wolfe of the band named Spirit. This song was one of the biggest hits of this band due to which he filed a case against Led Zeppelin after the band stole it.

Led Zeppelin was sued by Wolfe’s heirs as they discarded the claim that this hit song was composed in the 1970s in Wales. Wolfe and associates claimed that the original song was written and composed in the 1960s. They also claimed that music for this song was initially composed by Spirit band.

This lawsuit was defended by stating that Led Zeppelin belonged to England and did not have any property in Pennsylvania. They also claimed that their defendants had no place to stay here so the lawsuit should move to England for further processing.  It was said that they will be able to defend the case in an easier way from home.

On the other hand, Wolfe’s lawyers claimed that the lawsuit must be conducted in Pennsylvania since the defendants earned millions of dollars from this state by using “stairway to Heaven”. They also said that this song is the original property of Spirit so they should face this case in the current city.

The money was earned in the current city by selling CDs, digital recordings, performances at different concerts and numerous private performances by Led Zeppelin. As the money was earned through a song by Spirit so this money actually belongs to Spirit. However the appeal to transfer the case to England was denied initially by U.S District Court Judge Mr. Juan Sanchez. Although the motion was denied but Led Zeppelin can still try to transfer this case by making an appeal. 

The judge did not provide any kind of explanation about denial of appeal. However, a similar kind of case was presented in court and faced the same kind of results recently. This case was filed at Duke University by the heirs of John Wayne. This case could give these rockers an insider look on stealing somebody else’s work and then making money out of it.   

Source: Billboard

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