Leeza Gibbons is the Celebrity Apprentice Winner

Leeza Gibbons is the Celebrity Apprentice Winner at the End

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Leeza Gibbons is the Celebrity Apprentice winner at the end of the season as decided by the rich and famous Donald Trump.

And she finally made it! Liza Gibbons was declared to be the winner of Celebrity Apprentice by the man who is famous for the Art of the Deal, Donald Trump. Leeza was up against Geraldo Rivera, the journalist and anchorperson. And while Leeza’s other cohorts adored her, the same cannot be said about Rivera.

Geraldo’s icy attitude didn’t endear him much to his team mates. However, it was a neck-to-neck competition and Geraldo was full of chutzpah and challenged the norms as was his style. Whereas Leeza raised money for an Alzheimer’s foundation in honor of her mother who contracted the disease, Geraldo collected funds for a charity for disabled children.

While the fervor was high, Geraldo stumbled somewhere, and Donald Trump pointed out in the end that Leeza was undoubtedly the one who had bagged the prize. The commercials both Leeza and Geraldo presented were A-1 in their quality.

But Leeza managed to outdo Geraldo in matters of fund collection. And whereas Geraldo had many conflicts with others on the show, Leeza was such a sweet soul that she got along quite well with the rest of her colleagues. 

Geraldo made $146,000 while Leeza collected $324,000. They were nicknamed Hurricane Geraldo and Lovely Leeza respectively by their admirers. Each had his and her own style and idiosyncrasies.

The voters were split between the two since the yeas and nays in favor of each were equally tempting. Finally, love triumphed over hate and Leeza got picked as the winner. Leeza is the second female winner after the late and great Joan Rivers.

When Donald Trump expressed the fact that he was shocked that Leeza had triumphed in the end, she said in return that he ought to never underestimate the passion of a woman with a will.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump also announced that Celebrity Apprentice will be renewed for an eighth season. Leeza said upon winning that her mom had always instilled a sense of discipline in her right from her earliest years.

Donald Trump is known for his no-nonsense style of sacking apprentices from his show by pointing a finger at them and shouting “you’re fired”. Leeza managed to maintain her dignity and win this time in the capacity of a celebrity. She deserves two thumbs up for her sense of grace under pressure. 


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