Lenovo Z41, Lenovo Z51 and Ideapad 100 Unveiled

Lenovo Z41, Lenovo Z51 and Ideapad 100 Unveiled


The three laptops—Lenovo Z41, Lenovo Z51 and Ideapad 100—/4/help the PC maker in retaining its top stop in the PC market. Lenovo is currently the largest PC manufacturer in the world.

Just one day before Lenovo’s Tech World event in Beijing, the world’s largest PC manufacturer introduced three low-cost laptops today that will help fasten its spot in the PC market. Enter the Lenovo Z41, Lenovo Z51, and Ideapad 100, new laptops that offer great value for the money.

According to Lenovo, the Lenovo Z41 and Z51 are great for video and music lovers, while the Ideapad 100 is ideal for those who need the most essential features, meaning the average computer user. Lenovo will begin selling the three laptops in June. The Lenovo Z41 and Z51 will retail for $499 while the Ideapad 100 is priced at $249.

The Lenovo Z41 has a 14-inch display while the Z51 is slightly larger at 15 inches. Both laptops feature FHD displays, AMD graphics, and Dolby Surround Sound. They are powered by an Intel Core i7 processor with up to 1TB of storage capacity. On the other hand, the Ideapad 100 comes in two sizes: 14 inches and 15 inches. It is powered by an Intel BayTrail-M N3540 processor with up to 500GB of storage.

“We’ve created the new Lenovo Z41, Z51 and ideapad 100 laptops specifically for customers who want simple and functional design,” said Mr. BAI Peng, Vice President and General Manage of Lenovo Notebook Business Unit. “But because our customers are diverse, so our products are not ‘one size fits all’ either. Our three new laptops offer customers the choice to select the one that’s right for them—two specialized for multimedia and one all-rounder.”

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