LG Reportedly Revealing 8K Display At CES 2015

LG Reportedly Revealing 8K Display at CES 2015

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  • LG will show its 55-inch 8K display at CES 2015
  • It will feature an incredible resolution of 7,680 x 4,320
  • It might not be launched very soon

The 55-inch display will have a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320

LG is looking to dazzle the eyes of the technology lovers, as the company is rumored to introduce an amazing 8K display at the upcoming CES 2015.

The rumor has been originated from CNET, stating that the Korean company insiders have informed about the plan of showing the amazing display at January’s big event. The 55-inch display will feature an incredible resolution of 7,680 x 4,320, which means 33.2 million pixels. The size is significantly smaller with respect to not only LG’s 98-inch 8K TV prototype but also to other 65-inch 8K TV available on the market.

The display of the new 55-inch screen will be incredibly sharp, as it has a pixel density of 160 ppi, which exceeds the density of 4K TV by twice. As there is no hardware available right at this moment that can use such a high technology, LG is expected to show a demo about the display’s capability by adjusting Nvidia’s hardware to display the 3D photos.

However, the revelation of the 8K display doesn’t ensure that LG will bring it on the market very soon. Three years ago, Sharp revealed the very first 8K display prototype, which was never released to the general consumers. Moreover, there is still no content for the 8K screens right at this moment. So, the initiation of the sale of the particular display makes no sense. In this way, the entrance of the monitor in the technology market is very unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Nonetheless, the technology lovers are really excited to see the device at CES 2015.




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