Lily Aldridge Instagram Pics are her Sexiest Ever

Lily Aldridge Instagram Pics are her Sexiest Ever

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The Instagram pics of Lily Aldridge are her sexiest ever and it shows.

Victoria’s Secret Angel and Sports Illustrated model, Lily Aldridge, is hot and she knows it. Her mother was once the Playboy playmate of the month. Aldridge was a sweet sixteen when she first started modeling. She has worked for many brands. And she has a daughter from her husband Caleb Followill. Lily is good friends with country singer Taylor Swift. 

Lily Aldridge was the 5 feet 9 inches Scorpio from LA who delivered a solid buzz of adrenaline and testosterone onstage as an Angel. The consumer of ethnic cuisine loves to go around the world in search of adventure. She wore a pink Swarovski Crystal look with teddy and Powder Puff wings that ballooned out from her rear side onstage.

See The Sexiest Lily Aldridge Photos from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014.

Lily also donned a black angel look with extremely sexy lingerie on the ramp. The crystal demeanor also had a mini golden wings look that she displayed much to the crowd’s enjoyment and applause.

Hottest Instagram Pics of Lily Aldridge.

Lily Aldridge has 1.5 million followers on Instagram while her twitter followers are 465K. She recently had a number of superhot pics arranged on her Instagram account. One of them shows her in white lace lingerie woth huge pink powder puffs behind her in theplace of wings. She looks yummy alright.

Another one depicts her sitting pretty in a chair with one long gamine smooth leg extending from her black dress. A third pic displays her on the beach in a bikini and she is mock sword fighting with another man. She seems to be having a lot of fun.

There are two pics of her with Taylor Swift and in one of them Taylor is without makeup while in the other one Aldridge is sans a makeover. They are seen showing smooch-worthy gestures with their full and luscious lips.

A photograph of the VS Fashion Show illustrates Lilly arm in arm with three other models and all of them are wearing black lingerie. In a very memorable image she is seen holding hands with Taylor Swift. There is a pic of her in skimpy bra and panties with tufts of metallic feathers sticking out from her back.

As for the long flowing black dress she wore to the afterparty, it is very sensual indeed. Aldridge is also shown exercising in a gym in one photo. Her lithe body is very attractive. She is on the ramp in another photo and she is all dressed in black lingerie along with black wings that make her personality shine out.

She can also be seen ascending the stairs to a VS flight. She blows a flying kiss in the direction of her fans. There is a very beautiful picture of Lily in a dotted white dress as she sashays her way across the stage. She also blows BFF Taylor Swift a kiss from a distance.

Best Instagram Pics of Lily Aldridge.


Then she can be seen climbing a stairway as it is late night and the lights are on at full intensity. Her pinup pose in a ruby red dress with black sandals is supersexy. Finally, she is shown in a silvery shimmering dress, a black and white op art dress and a yellow bikini on a red background.

p>These pics prove that Lily Aldridge is one kickass babe with a body to match. Lily looked to be a waif that could woo the pants off any male in the world. Lily Aldridge rocks and could roll with the punches that get delivered in the game of life.


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